iPhone Battery Replacment Problems

I have been a repairer for over 4 years now and have replaced 100’s of batteries. In the last week I have had 3 customers come back to me saying that the new battery is no better than their old one - this is very unusual because normally people come back and say how much better the replacement is. In 4 years I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone say this to me let alone 3 people, so somethings not right.

I just wondered if anyone else has had this, could it be related to a recent update? All new batteries are showing 100% health so it’s not like they’re dud parts. It’s happened on an i8, i6s and iX/10.

Any ideas?

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So you put all of the batteries in on the same week. So you probably bought all of the batteries at the same time. Is it a possibility that you bought a batch of bad batteries.


I also think it could just be a dodgy batch of batteries. You should pass this on to the supplier.


But they were from different suppliers and for different models. 2 of them I'd had in stock for a while. Agree that's what it sounds like but I don't think it can be.


what supplier do you get them from if you don't mind me asking?


Hello Soop, I am a little late to this conversation but all of the models you mentioned (i8, 6s, 10) had a recent update to ios14 (which is in beta I believe). I could be that there was a feature added to detect battery replacement and drain the battery faster. If you have 2 recent iPhones it would be interesting to check if that's indeed the issue