The Apple IIe is an Apple desktop computer released in January 1983. It was the successor to the Apple Plus and the predecessor to to the Apple llc.

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Reset hard or soft?

If my Apple IIe resets the video garbage on the screen doesn’t this mean my computer program is working as it must be looking at the keyboard to know I’ve hit alt reset?

Logically if the computer wasn’t following its program it wouldn’t be able to know which keys I’ve hit?

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Can you give us a bit more here. Is the system working now?


No not working. Turn it on and get garbage on the screen, mixed characters all over. Was working until I left it in the shed, maybe moisture got to it?

So could be anything, ram? I’ve got an oscilloscope but can’t see anything obvious. Clock ok. Data and address lines active. Not sure where to look.

Back to the original question.


I'm pretty much convinced the problem is in running he autostart rom. You might be able to dump into integer BASIC from your hung starting screen. Try pressing ctrl-b and then return. If it works, you'll get a ">" and a blinking cursor.

I found one book with my old //e that might help, and better still I found a pdf copy of it online. It is the Apple II reference manual:


In the process of finding the pdf, I found other sources that might help. Apple 2 circuit description:


and How to repair and maintain your apple computer.


You might also find useful the Apple //e repair guide. Which admittedly seems better at finding the problems than repairing them https://www.apple2online.com/web_documen...


Thanks Michael Clark! My initial question has now been answered. Hard r software reset. Nearly the first page of the apple book tells me that the reset key on the keyboard is not being read by the microprocessor but is a direct connection to the cpu reset. Bugger. Was

Hoping it was reading the keys. I havnt used my apple for years so i will have to read more. Im absolutely wrapped in the info you have found me. Will do some more checking and let you know how i go. Might be a while but ill be back.


I'm really glad that these references have helped. I was impressed by the amount of documentation on the Apple2onine site though at times it seemed to have problems loading, and firefox seemed to do a better job with it than Safari. But given the amount and depth of information it was worth dealing with a few quirks. They have a forum as well but I saw you have to register and then mail the sysop to let him know you are not a bot. Finally, you might find this site on Apple II repair to be helpful as well: https://www.willegal.net/appleii/appleii...

It includes a case example of debugging a problem that seems very similar to yours.

I wish you the best of luck and I'll keep an eye out to see how progress goes.







That's a blast from the past! I cut my teeth on an Apple //e so maybe I can provide some insight. Typically on startup, the Apple 2 series would display a bunch of junk on the screen and then clear it, with Apple ][ or Apple //e at the top of the screen. It would then boot Dos 3,.3 or ProDOS from whatever floppy drive you had. IIRC, the transition between screen garbage and the black Apple .//e screen happened when the system loaded and ran the system ROM. So my guess is that there is something wrong with the ROM. You are probably right about moisture.

It may be possible to repair. I would take a look at references from KansasFest. It is meeting of Apple II enthusiasts that discusses stuff like restoring and repairing old Apple II systems, among other things. For example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFfjdIWe...

"So You Want To Repair Your Apple II — Jay Graham — KansasFest 2017"

You may be able to connect with some of these folks. Jay Graham appears to be The Man when it comes to repairing/restoring Apple II systems. His twitter handle is @jwg1962

That community may also be good sources for the technical manuals and other info. I would start here: https://a2central.com/category/help/

I hope this sends you in the right direction.


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Thanks Ron. I will try your suggestions. I used to fix IBM clone xt computers which had a post series of beeps. They would send me in the right direction. Pity the apple doesn’t.


@whymewhyme I don't know if you are referring to me or not, but if so, you are very welcome. I have two more comments and then I'm signing off.. First, the problem is definitely at or before reading and running the Autostart ROM. That is where the screen gets cleared. Second, you may be able to engage the built in hardware test by pressing Control-Open Apple-Reset. If it works and indicates a fault, replacing the faulty IC will generally fix the problem.

I hope this can solve your problem. I'd try to help more, but iFixit's faulty spam detection bot has already flagged me twice, deleting what I wrote and penalizing me 200 reputation points, though since I don't think I'm going to keep wasting effort on this site, the points matter less than the wasted effort.


Yes Michael I was responding to your comments. I would love it if you can find that information . I might have to check the eprom as it has no sticker over it and I know they can deteriorate over time. Long shot I know. Please stay with these guys for our sake. No one else has helped me with this and the expertise is dying out quickly.


@whymewhyme Not sure if this is directed at me since no one named Ron answered, but if if it is, you're welcome and I hope you can find what you need to fix your Apple II. Both for your sake (which is why I answered), but now also so I can thumb my nose at iFixit over docking me 100 reputation points for my answer being 'spam'.... apparently because the bot decided it wasn't helpful.

It's too bad that unlike the IBM PC clones, the IIe doesn't give you more of a clue But I know for a fact that there was a technical manual from Apple that covered the details of startup in the type of detail you'd need. I know because I remember reading it and barely being able to understand any of it. There is a slim chance I still have it with my old Apple //e but its deeply buried and hard to get to right now without moving many boxes of heavy things form my mother's estate (though protected from moisture at least!). If I do find it, I will post what I find out here.

EDIT: One question and one confirmation:

Have you tried hitting Control-Solid Apple-Reset? That is the buillt in hardware test. If it doest work, that is likely an important indicator or where the failure is. If it doe, it may tell you exactly what the problem is.

And I was right, the clearing of the screen and Apple //e at the top of the screen is due to the autostart ROM being run. So the problem is at or before running it.




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