What are the specs for this capacitors / transistor Help me :)

Hi everyone,

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i cleaned my iMac and changed the thermal paste, I had a little accident and broke off one of the capacitors behind the CPU. I was installing the heat pipe and saw after screwing in the GPU side that the CPU went out of the socket, so I screwed everything off again and when I was loosening one of the CPU screws the holding Plate pushed off one capacitor. You can see it in the picture. So I can fix it but I don’t want to put the old capacitor back because I don’t know if it’s broken or not and I don’t have an multimeter at home to check it.

Long story short does anybody know which specs this capacitor have, i tried to find some schematics for this board but didn’t find anything for the 2017 iMac 27 inch just for 2015 and older. I literally searched for 5 hours but didn’t find anything.

thanks for all your answers upfront, stay healthy and repair things in this time to prevent trash and boredom.

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I am after the schematics if you find them, also where can you have it fixed? I also broke a resistance next to the microphone connector