iPhone 3G是第二代iPhone。型号A1241,有8或16 GB容量,和炫酷的黑色或洁白的白色塑料背面。修复比第一款iPhone更简单。需要螺丝刀、撬撬工具和吸尘工具。

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No display after repair

I've googled everywhere, and scoured this site for an answer to my problem. My problem IS like a lot of the other questions, but the fixes don't work. I can turn the phone on, hear sounds when I plug it into my MacBook, shows up in iTunes, and it vibrates when I flip the silent switch. The only problem is having no display/backlight.

My friend brought me the phone after finding it laying on the ground with a cracked touchscreen. Everything else was perfect on it, display lit up and everything. I replace the touchscreen, reconnected and it worked fine! Here's the kicker. The Home button wouldn't work, so I pulled it apart to fix the button contact but the #3 cable came loose. I have all the flex cables secured with dental wax (random, but it works and isnt too messy). I tried:

A. Holding Home+Power for 10s or until Apple logo shows

B. Removing the logic board for 5-10 min away from the battery.

C. Doing a full restore

Sorry for the long post, just wanted to give as much info as possible. Can anyone help me? He needs the phone back in a few hours, and I'm at my wits end. Also, this is NOT my first repair on an iPhone 3G. I have had MANY successful repairs.

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choices are..wrong LCD (3gs instead of 3g) damaged connector 1.. LCD is faulty or is now broken. try keeping the board out for longer (until board has cooled.. that's the few hours you have left)


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The LCD is the one that came with the phone, I only replaced the digitizer. The flex cables all appear to be perfect.

Plus, like I said, the display worked fine before I pulled it back apart to fix the button.

Honestly been in your situation before maaaannny times. Take the board out, walk away, watch tv, walk the dog, play ball... Leave the board for ages.(left 1 overnight I was so annoyed!!) then try again. I know you've done it before but sometimes it's just not long enough. Just because the screen worked before doesn't mean it isn't broken now either..


i had the same problem friend,

for me i was a hardware issue problem

you have to replace the two inductance



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thats for a 3gs. the backlight is built in to the screen on the 3g. there are fuses on the rear of the logicboard which may help, but I believe most likely this is the connector 1

I know the 3GS has that coil that fries when you work on it while its still on, 6R8 I believe, but I havn't seen anything like that on the 3G. As far as i can tell there aren't any blown fuses. If it was a backlight problem, I would still be able to see stuff on the screen, but I don't. The #1 flex looks fine, all the pins are fine, and the connector is fine. Since I have it held down with wax, I don't think that's the problem.



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