Black screen, ext monitor works fine, invertor or screen?


Ive read similar problems on here but have not found answers soooo...

I have a Mac Book Pro 15"Core 2 Duo A1226

I bought it late 2007.

I put the laptop into sleep mode. The screen has never worked since.

It works fine if I hook up an ext monitor.

The computer boots up, chimes and even makes the zooming 'blip' sound of Skype starting up.

If I shine a light at an angle at screen I cannot see anything.

I have replaced the LDVS/ Data display cable with a new one but to no avail...

I have been told several options. Broken Invertor board or broken screen. Can anybody suggest based on the above info which it could be ? OR what tests I can carry out to define what the issue might be?

Any help gratefully appreciated!


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The light at an angle will reveal a bad inverter if you can see the screen. You did the right thing by replacing the LDVS cable if you know it to be good from a reputable seller. Next thing is the screen. Check your work on the cable first. There were three different screen providers so make sure you order the exact replacement.


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Thanks Mayer! Will have to pop it open again and look at the exact screen type and then find somewhere reputable to get one from. Will let you know how I get on!!



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