Repair and disassembly guides for GE Microwave ovens.

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Where is the fuse located and how do you replace it?

My GE profile microwave stopped dead during operation. I have checked the plug and I have power at the outlet.

I do not have any display or lights.

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I had this issue on n the over the counter GE cafe microwave.

Remove the MW, remove the top cover and there should be a wiring diagram taped somewhere on the top or side. The fuse was easy tosspot if you even if you have limited electronic background. I ordered the part on Amazon for a couple of bucks and it solved the problem. Before I attempted to make the repair I called several appliance repair companies and they said it wasn't worth repairing. I think a $350 MW is worth repairing and Idid for about $3. Good luck

JUM3160RE model, fixed it from the front door, over stove model. Open the door, pull out the top vent (2 screws on top of microwave) carefully remove it starting on the right side. On the far right there is a 2"x4" grille panel and behind it looks like a PCB with a fuse on it. 2 more screws and you can remove the grille (it does come out, takes a little futzing with). My hand was too big to reach in and pull the fuse, needle-nose pliers worked to get it out. Getting a new one in is harder but doable. I forgo putting the 2x4 grille back in since my door switch blows the breaker outside. For now I push the stop button before opening the door :(

I did everything to avoid pulling it down again, that's a pain.

it is thermostat fail

My microwave died and I replaced the fuse and all lights started to show. But when I put a cup of water inside and tried to heat it, then the fuse got burned out right away.  What other part do I need to replace? A capacitor?

Mine did the same thing I am thinking start capacitor. Have not checked it yet.



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It depends on the type of machine. -- If you have a counter top model you need to remove the screws that secure the top and sides. Normally there are 2 screws on each side and 7 to 8 screws along the back edge. Once you remove the cover, on the side, behind the control panel, near the top, you will find the fuse block. -- If you have a model that hangs above the stove you need to remove the grill that runs along the top. There are 2 screws approx. 1/3 the way in from each edge. Remove the grill, then look for 1 screw above the control panel. The control panel top will then tilt out. you should be able to see the fuse block.

Make sure that you have more than 1 fuse(at least 2 or 3). This is important because usually there is a fault which causes the fuse to blow. My first fix had a cockroach on the capacitor. Easy fix, but I did not see the problem until after I blew the replacement fuse.


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WAS it the little fuse or the thermal fuse???should I buy Both


Generally, I find that you have to take off the side panels to get to the circuits where the fuse is, if there is a fuse. The circuit panel should be right where the plug goes into the microwave.

I apologize for any misspellings and whatnot. I'm on my iPod touch


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I found out that it's not always the fuse that is the problem. I have a GE above counter microwave that the lighting and pad worked but the heating unit wouldn't come on. Well the first thing I did was to remove the fuse which shut everything off. so I put it back in. Then all of a sudden the fan started up. In a nut shell, I'm convince that the problem was in my door sensor. I wiggled the door and now my microwave works. So before you think that your microwave isn't worth fixing, try this trick, you just may save yourself some money!


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I cant find the fuse for ME21H706MQG


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