The Samsung Chromebook Pro can be identified by its model number XE510C24.

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How to replace the hinges?

The tablet fell off a table and now the right hinge is not working right. I am unable to fold back the screen. I looked online and found replacement hinges and it look like it would be easy to get to the hinge connected to the keyboard end. Wondering how to get to the hinge connected to the display end. There is a section at the bottom of the screen half that looks like, if removed, would give access to the hinges. Anyone know the best way to remove that cover strip?

Update (12/05/2018)

Block Image

Here is a pic of what Im trying to get at. The strip that is right above the hinge and below the lcd screen.

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When laptop hinges go, unfortunately it's rarely the hinge itself but the plastic it's screwed to which is broken. Ifthat's the case then your only hoe may be to glue it back together with 2-part epoxy glue, building it up as reinforcement around the break.

Great point, and very well could be true. I guess that leaves me with getting to the hinges to see exactly what is wrong. And that leaves me at the how. not sure how to get to them.


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There are a few Youtube videos covering disassembly. From a quick glance it looks like this one is what you want:


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That, and the other Youtube's I've found are for an older model of the chromebook.


Really this is something I would let a repair shop do. But if you want to do it yourself use Ebay. Take it apart to see what you need, go on Ebay to get the parts, and install them.


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Probably good advise :)



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