Joining two macs togeather with an ethernet cable

I possess two mac minis but one is a 2005 release date and it has only 1GB of ram , could I join it to my A1347 which has 8 GB of Ram ; I would like to use the old A1103 as a storage device and for offline work.

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You’ve got a few possibilities here:

The first is setting up your old Mini to be a Server to your other Mini or other systems, then you can connect your two mini’s together via an Ethernet Hub.

The other option is to treat is more like an external drive by putting your older Mini into Target Disk Mode and then connect the two systems via a FireWire cable this will be faster than the Ethernet connection.

While these two approaches will get you over the hump if you need to get something done now, in the long haul it’s not very effective. How about getting an external drive and copy off all your stuff off then sell your old system off.


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I will give it a try Dan, Thank you.


Etherent is for internet, not data transfer. Not possible, sorry!


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If this is the case Aron, then what is Dan referring to when he says to Connect the two mini's together via an Ethernet Hub in the answer below.

Dan's use of the router is the key here. It sets it up with a network rather than a direct connection like you would do with firewire and Target mode.

All you need is a Ethernet hub to hook them together.

Mac's can also connect without a hub with a flipped over Ethernet cable (Pin1- to pin 8 on other side ... 2-7 3-6 4-5). I often use this back to back as its faster than USB2.


Could you explain more about using a flipped ethernet cable and (pin1 to pin 8 ...2-7-3 ect, I might use this method but at the moment I do not know enough about it.

Depending on your exact model and network speed you may not need it. Here's a bit more Ethernet crossover cable




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