Still fighting an F51 code

So I have done everything you all have mentioned in this forum about the F51 code except actually replace the rotor position sensor. However nothing looks burned or frayed on the RPS. Should I go ahead and just replace the RPS or is there something else I should do? I still get the code and the washing machine is extremely loud. So am I dealing with 2 different issues or do you think one could fix the other? So frustrated!

Update (12/01/2018)

The model # is MVWB85OYGO. I believe the wash cycle is louder than it used to be. It's just not quiet. And if I'm ever able to get past F-51 code manually (power then start), the spin cycle is so loud that everyone in the house is almost screaming at each other just so we can hear what they are saying.

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What is the full model number on this?


Please tell us more about this sound and when it occurs.