Revamped version of the iPhone 3G with faster processing speeds. Repair of this device is similar to the 3G, and requires simple screwdrivers and prying tools. Model A1303 / 16 or 32 GB capacity / black or white plastic back.

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Replacement Battery - Reboot Issue


got my IFIXIT-replacement battery for the 3GS. After installing, reboots occur after about 7 minutes. Tried every tweak, including iReb, jailbreaking.. problem stays.

When switching to the old battery, problem disappears, but (and thats the real problem):

now, I got absolutely no reception. WiFi and GPS are still working. Is there any possibility that i compromised the connectors to the GSM module somehow?

My guesses beside that:

Could it be that Connector No.3 goes "deeper" into its socket than I think and it affects reception?

Could it be that the "Do not remove"-sticker has some conducting ability? I did remove it completely because it wouldn't come off in one piece..


Possible Solutions (?) :

Could replacing the GSM module help (which isn't that costly)? Could you give me tipps for re-installiung?

Please help,

Tom from Austria

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thomas don't worry about your's for the apple magic in it. but it is over a screw that holds the battery in place... follow hector's advice and return the battery. check your connector 7

Hi! Thank you all for the quick response. That's right, I should have added the connector 7 to my 'guesses' list, cause i had some diffculties 'clicking' it back into its socket. I tried it lots of times before it stayed in place, maybe some damage occured there. I'll try to magnify next time to see what really goes on while connecting No. 7.

Has anyone had a similar problem with No.7 and can give me some tips?

best regards,


it's just a single pin inside a central ring (from the dock) that sits inside a ring on the motherboard, you have to really get up close and personal to make sure the top connection sits over the top of the bottom, annoyingly it doesn't tend to make pops or clicks so you can hear as well as see it's on! it is quite stable and won't be nudged off..

Update: Support of IFIXIT is sending me a new battery. I'm really impressed, something like this would never happen in Europe (let alone Austria). Thumbs up !!


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#3 connector has nothing to do with reception. That is ear speaker and proximity sensor territory. Your reception issue lies within the #7 connector, I bet that came loose. Also, I believe you received a defective battery, it happens all the time. Call ifixit and they will send another one. The sticker does nothing for the phone except deter people from tampering.


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it's a recurring theme with the 3gs and the rebooting, someone else is posting on here about ifixit batteries..

I noticed a few people had issues with ifixit batteries as well. There was a bad lot I believe.


Got it to work, thank you! This time disassembling, i also took the GSM-module out and checked it. Having found nothing looking damaged, after assembling i checked the functionality of connector No. 7 like this: IPhone switched on and keeping the display tilted open, i disconnected No.7 and reconnected it. The reception display did change from "no network" to "1 bar, no network name". So i figured the problem couldn't be the connector itself cause the connecting-procedure did have some result (although not desired). But: after i flashed the OS from itunes (i had a jailbreaked version before because i thought the new battery would work with it), i got full reception and my familiar network name back. I'm glad it came out that way, although having improved nothing. I learned a lot disassembling the thing.

I trusted IFIXIT for being a (supposedly) big retailer and therefore being expert enough that something like "battery rejection" doesn't occur. So i thought i was playing safe by paying (relatively) high shipping cost. I'm going to get a new battery from a more local source.

But, I have to praise IFIXIT for this forum, fast and competent help!

Thank you all,



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glad you fixed your problem, go the feedback for the products sold, try and match the same lot as your existing battery (616-xxxx) sometimes you can find recycled/retrieved original apple batteries (graded seconds etc) I've had no problems doing this and buying in UK.

Hi, Thanks! I'll try that.

best regards, Tom



from my experience, this has nothing to do with connector/ribbons/etc. It would just be a bad spare.

I replaced my iPhone 3GS battery and it randomly rebooted the device. Then I installed the oroginal battery and it didn't reboot, so after a few installations of old (Apple battery) and the new one, it was always the same: with the new one my iPhone rebooted every few minutes, while it was OK with the original one.

So I contacted the provider and they gave me another spare. When installing this second spare, everything went fine. So, asumming you re-assemble the iPhone fine, if it keeps rebooting, just ask for another replacement.

Hope it helps.

(my provider was not ifixit, as they do not ship to Spain, but I just want to help all you).


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Similar experience as Javi new battery - reboot loop @ apple logo. Old battery - OK. Guess the hunt for a proper battery will continue. These things can only happen with Apple.


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My iphone 3gs 16 gb version 4.1 is restartis every few minutes ......plz suggestion me


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