Screen grey when taking photo but displays photos correctly

Hi. I shoot on manual mode only with prime lenses. My display screen looks grey and grainy when I’m setting up a photo but it takes the photo with the correct exposure and displays the photos on the screen with the correct exposure. It seems the screen itself is working properly. Could it be the shutter isn’t staying open when not actively taking the photo? How do I fix?

could it be I need to replace my battery?

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have you tried turning live view on and off?


Yes. I think it might be something with the shutter. Do you think there are software updates?


it may be a stuck shutter by the sounds of it, especially if the photo's work/viewfinder works. looking back over some old answers and what has (or not) have you tried... menu/reset shooting menu/ok


to reset camera and see if that works; press and hold "menu" and "info" for a second or 2.