A1708/EMC 3164—于2017年6月上市,这台入门级MacBook Pro保留了它的传统功能键(相对于OLED触控条)。

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Stipe on my screen MacBook Pro 2017

Hi guys

I’ve an issue with my screen

Block Image

I hope I won’t have to change it.

Apple charge 700euros

I still can do it myself for half price.

But I’m wondering if it’s a cable issue or a screen because sometimes at a certain angle there are no stipe

If anyone could help me

thanks by advance everyone

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So I replaced the cable display unfortunately it did not change anything, this is so weird because sometime the screen is absolutely perfect, so I still don’t want to change the screen


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So what did you do to fix the problem?


Hook it up to an external monitor and see if the problem persists.

Also Apple offers a “Flat Rate Repair” on machines without impact or liquid damage. It costs $357 in Texas with shipping and tax included. They will fix any and all problems for that price but you have to contact corporate Apple directly.

What is your purchase date?


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With an external screen there is absolutely no problem

I live in France, I went to an apple store yesterday and they told me that it would cost 700euros to replace the screen

My warranty (1year) went off in august :(


If you say it is fine at certain angles then it might as well be the display cable. I would try changing that out first. If that doesn’t work, make sure the cables are secured and plugged in tightly. Lastly, if those two things do not work for you then a new display might be necessary.

@mayer Ideas?


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I didn’t expect an answer so fast ;)

I forgot to add that, but there is no stipe when the screen is black or very dark colour, like when you open Netflix

@archi51 That is certainly a display cable issue. try replacing the display cable and report back the results!

I'm gonna change it, I'll let you know the result. Thanks guys !

@archi51 Sounds like a plan. Keep us posted!


Man I am having the same exact problem as you, maybe this machines are defective look: MacBook Pro 2017 Display Glitching Very Badly please let me know if you fixed the issue, it would help me a lot, Thanks in advance.


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