Laptop not performing as expected

Hi all,

My laptop is not performing as expected, when i play a game it does not feel 60 fps, when hitting over 60 fps constantly. but when i watch a youtube video about that same game it feels a lot smoother.

This laptop has dual GPU's installed, perhaps it has something to do with that?

And i know for sure the screen is 60 hertz and i have verified this by using blurbusters.

The exact model is a GS70 6QD

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Hi @nixni ,

Have you got the latest Nvidia drivers installed? I assume that you have Win 10 installed.

Nvidia are at Ver.372.7 for your GPU whereas MSI are still at V.359 for their Nvidia drivers for your laptop.

Also check that the Intel graphics driver version is the latest. For some reason the MSI specs fail to mention the Intel graphics adapter model but do list the drivers for it in their VGA driver download section.

Just a thought.


Hey @jayeff thanks for responding!

All drivers are up to date and i do have windows 10 installed on the latest version (1803) I do not have the drivers installed from the MSI website because they are really out of date. I also run GeForce Experience to update Nvidia graphics.


Hi @nixni ,

Perhaps the YouTube video is not running at 60 fps but at a slower frame rate. It is only a video after all and I assume that the laptop is not having to do as much (resources wise) as when the game is in progress.

Not saying that you mightn't have a problem just pointing out that there may be a possible difference.

can you try a different game with similar characteristics fps wise and check how it behaves or is it on all games etc?


This problem applies to all games i play, and with that youtube video i meant that the video plays at 60fps and that the video feels a lot more smooth then when i run the game myself.


Hi @nixni ,

How much RAM have you got installed?

Perhaps this link (try adjust for best performance option) or this link may be of some help.