Model A1419 / EMC 3070 / Mid 2017 / 3.4, 3.5 or 3.8 GHz Core i5 or 4.2 GHz Core i7 Kaby Lake Processor (ID iMac18,3) / Retina 5K display. Refer to the older iMac Intel 27" Retina 5K Display (Late 2014 & 2015) guides as the system is very similar.

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Add HDD Drive to a SSD only iMac 27" 2017

What parts are required when i want to add a 8TB HDD. My iMac 27" 2017 is equipped with 512GB internal SSD but no HDD. Is the HDD carrier already inside the iMac?

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If you have a SSD only system (PCIe/NVMe blade SSD) then you can add a second drive! This can be either a 3.5" SATA HDD or a SSHD for a hard drive. Or, it can be a second 2.5" SATA SSD.

Here's the IFIXIT guide you'll need to follow: iMac 因特尔 27" Retina 5K 显示屏 硬盘更换

Now you do need a special SATA cable Retina 5K Hard Drive Combo Cable, Side frames: Retina 5K Hard Drive Mount Left & Retina 5K Hard Drive Mount Right and an in-line thermal sensor and replacement tapes OWC In-line Digital Thermal Sensor for Hard Drive Upgrade for 27" iMacs 2012 and Later. If you decide to go with a 2.5" SSD drive you'll need a adapter frame to mount it into the 3.5" frame.

Now before you go down this path keep in mind you need to use the correct tools and technique to take the display off if not you can easily damage it which will be an expensive oops!

Lastly, an external Thunderbolt RAID drive will be faster and can offer deeper protection of your data so think it though which way is best for you.


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Thanks for your helpful answer. Yes i would recommend also an external drive but i took so often my iMac to online events that i decided to add an internal drive. I would use the internal HDD fro Ortho4XP (ortho's for X-Plane 11) which do not requires hig speed transfers :)


There is no room for more drives inside the iMac. Some previous models could have the CD removed, but then had slow SATA connection. Best to use a thunderbolt external drive, check out


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You do not understand the question, he wants to know if there is 3.5 HD mounting hardware in the imac if he only has a m.2 ssd installed. Basically he wants a Fusion setup and he only has the ssd.



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