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Changing from RAID to AHCI

I barely know anything about these to things except for that RAID is causing a problem with linux. I'm pretty sure you are supposed to use RAID with at least 2 storage devices while my laptop only has a single SSD. would I break something doing this? I know I lose my stuff doing this so beforehand I will backup.

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Can't call me out for taking a picture of my screen this time! you try taking a screenshot in the UEFI!

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If you turn RAID off in the BIOS, the rule has historically been that also requires a OS reinstallation. The problem with Windows is it does not like that setting being changed. Windows 10 likely isn't much different.

Because Lenovo was caught with Superfish and LSE, they had to promise not to ship 3rd party bloatware on their laptops to keep their sales. You likely have a Signature Edition system and part of the requirements to be a Signature Edition laptop is Microsoft requires your laptop has to boot up in RAID.

If you're booting from other installation media, then you'll need to switch from RAID to AHCI temporarily. Once you do what you need, it needs to be switched back to RAID.


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I guess McAfee doesn't count as bloatware then? anyway, what do you mean by "signature edition"?

The system is essentially clean outside of 1st party applications. I'm not sure if Signature Editions can include AV trials but more then likely it's a Signature Edition model or very close to one.

yeah, but what is a signature edition model?

Signature Edition models are what I described when it comes to bloatware and potentially AV trials. Here's some reading from Windows Club on this.

so they just do not come with bloatware? why would that affect the SSD settings?


You can't RAID a single drive! RAID also requires two or more drives of the same I/O speed and the channel connection needs to be the same in I/O as well.


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My laptop came shipped with RAID enabled though?

Are you confusing the BIOS setting here Vs the physical drive?

hold on. I'll add a pic

RAID mode can sometimes be considered "AHCI in compatibility" mode for UEFI BIOSes. I read somewhere that SSDs sometimes need RAID on to maximize AHCI so it can work properly when reinstalling Windows. I personally have never tested it although if RAID is turned ON in BIOS and UEFI is ON, I leave RAID ON when reinstalling Windows.


My Lenovo Yoga 720-I3KB came with a tiny SSD installed, so I swapped it for a 1TB Intel SSD. In order for the system to recognize the drive I had to change the SATA Controller mode from RAID to AHCI. Also, 6 months later a Lenovo automatic firmware update overwrote this setting and caused my system to crash on boot....thankfully, I remembered about this controller mode change.


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