How do I fix a broken power pin?

Alright. Long story short. I got this used from a friend. In the process of cleaning I found the metal "pin" for the touch sensor broke off.

Could I solder a piece of metal to it or will it be cheaper to replace it?

Block Image

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it wont be cheaper to replace, but it will be better to replace, as it looks quite dirty and you do not wanna be going back and forward having to fix the power, it is better to fix it the correct . way the first time with the new part,solder and a soldering iron.


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It's a CECHK. I recently dismantled it for cleaning. I also found that a piece of aluminum foil can serve as a pin.... though, I'm not sure how well scotch tape will hold up in the long run....

yes he wants to try the foil, but like i stated as well durability i cannot speak for, and you just solder the pins back together if you have the original . pieces with a soldering iron and solder.Most jobs are done under microscopes etc , so that will depend on your tools, your eyesight, etc.. if pads are torn will need some extensive knowledge to rebuild the trace. if you dont know how and dont want to spend the money to have it professionally done you can try the foil as @astro_ will bosco suggested



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