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Dishwasher will not cycle?

Whirlpool gold series

Model- wdt720padm2

Ser- f53707173

Type- 583-1

Will start cycle and fill with water and release pod but that’s it and will drain. Pod will still be laying in machine.

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Is it giving you any error codes?

How do you check?

I have the same washer with the same problem.

Why is this marked solved? The problem is not solved.

So I ran the diagnostics and the f- e- means there is no error. My dishwasher isn't washing, I ran the diagnostics and I get no error codes. Any ideas?


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Here's how to reset it and put it into diagnostic mode:


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That link is not for this washer. This washer doesn't have an Air Dry button. I have the same problem with the same washer and need help.

I have the same problem too

I found out how to run the diagnostics. At the end of the diagnostics it just flashes f- and then e-, back and forth. I'm not sure if that's an error code. Where do I go from here?

Also, if anyone wants to run the diagnostics. Press any 3 buttons in sequence 3 times. ie 1,2,3 - 1,2,3 - 1,2,3

See if the e can be read as possibly something else.



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