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Can’t reinstall MacOs because disk is locked (2nd hand MacBook)

So I got a second hand macbook pro. I tried to reinstall macos, but it says that its locked

Block Image

People said that i should go to disk utility and unlock the locked disk there

But the locked disk wasn’t there

Block Image

And even if its there, i don’t know the password too. And I can contact the owner anymore

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You'll need to visit an Apple Store with a copy of the sales receipt for them to unlock your system.


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I don’t have any receipts


@tindc from this old thread it sounds like you just need to

Go to Disk Utility --> Erase Disk --> Select Erase with Journaling.

locked hard drive can't reinstall Lion OSX

@danj also suggested in this solution to create a separate bootable thumb drive to reinstall OS X from, erase the disk using Disk Utility, and that apparently solve the issue.


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@avanteguarde as you can see from the image above under my disk Utility, the earase button is gray and i cant click it

@tindc my bad. I mistyped. I mean the "Partition" button. Try using the "Partition" button and select 1 partition. Also, are you using a thumb drive or directly from the Mac? You need to boot from a thumb drive.

@avanteguarde under dosk utility i only have “disk images: OS X Based System” i tried what you said i click partion, somethinf popped out, the format is gray i cant change it to journaled

I also can’t add 1

@tindc you need to boot from a thumb drive. You need a second mac to create a OS X installer. Find another computer with High Sierra. Follow these instructions:


Then put the thumb drive into your computer, and hold "Option" when starting up. Choose Start up from the Thumb drive. This version of Disk utility will let you erase the drive.



Try this:

Restart , Hold down CTRL+OPTN+R

it should get into internet recovery, Circling globe and it will end up in disk utility page.

Click on disk utility and erase the hdd from internal only once done go back and go to reinstall Osx sierra.


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it is actually CMD(command)+OPTN+R


I also had an issue with a locked disc when I was in recovery mode.

I ended up installing High Serria on a thumb drive, rebooting the mac holding down command, and selected the thumb drive to boot from. From there I was able to erase the mac's hard drive with JOURNALED selected. Exit disc utility and installed High Serria. It's installing now. I'll message again if there are any problems.


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Ryan, did it work?

Won’t erasing the HD delete everything on it?


I have the same problem,did you Find a salution?


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