Angelcare AC401 baby movement & sound monitor.

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Lcd screen doesn't display

Good day, I hope you might be able to assist me. I bought a second hand angel care movement and sound monitor but after I received the monitor I found that the parent unit doesn't display anything. I replaced the parent units batteries and charged it for hours. Yet no display, I did speak to angel care South Africa but they informed me that this model has been discontinued.. Is this device fixable? Or will I have to purchase a newer model?

Kind regards,

Adri Van Heusden

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Hi @adrivh ,

Did you hold the monitor unit On/Off button for 2 seconds to turn it on?

If you haven't got one, here is a link to the User Guide for the Angel care AC401 baby monitor

Did the seller of the unit say that it was in a working condition?

If so, I suggest that you contact them about the problem or get a refund.

If it was sold, as is, with no further information provided then here is a link to the ifixit Angelcare AC401 Baby Monitor Disassembly guide.

It shows how to open the unit so that you can check for any obvious problems such as broken wires, dry joint connections, burnt out components etc. Use a DMM (digital multimeter) to check that the full battery supply is reaching the circuit board.


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