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Keyboard and trackpad not working

I'm having problems with my Macbook.

There was an accident and my daughter dropped some water on it.

The issue is that luckily it was off and did not damage the motherboard (I'm using it to do this posting).

But unfortunately my keyboard and trackpad have stopped working.

I tried to change the flat cable of the trackpad as some people have suggested elsewhere, tried cleaning the contacts and nothing solved my problem.

Curiously the keyboard works to power the Macbook, after all the Power key is part of the keyboard and the keyboard also works for SMC reset, but when I enter the system nothing works and in the system settings the trackpad becomes non-existent.

Anyone have any tips on any solution?

PS: External USB or bluetooth keyboard/mouse works fine.


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Was the cable you replaced above the battery or under it?

Under the battery


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I'm surprised you managed to get the cable out! Its takes a lot of effort to remove the battery to get to it. Depending on how you approach it your battery may need replacing as prying on it can damage it! Hopefully you used this guide: 2013早期 MacBook Pro 15'' Retina 显示屏电池更换. If you didn't use the techniques they outline I would strongly recommend you replace the battery as LiOn batteries can have an explosive fire if damaged.

The newer Touchpad models which have the keyboard connected to it and the combined signals are forwarded over the same cable to the logic board. Its this cable which can go bad it also goes across the top of the battery as it rubs against the cover and the grit that collects on the cover.

In all of the systems a swollen battery can press on the cables, keyboard or trackpad which can cause them to fail.

Sadly, you didn't address the root problem. In your system the keyboard & trackpad have independent connections to the logic board so either both are damaged or the circuitry on the logic board for the internal keyboard & trackpad is damaged.

I'm suspecting the logic board is where your problem is. At this point you'll need to do a detailed inspection of both sides of the logic board looking for any staining or burnt parts. even still repairing logic board can be tricky depending on what you find.

Frankly, this type of repair is something I pass over to someone who does it day to day.


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The battery was really tricky to remove, but I already have some repair experience.

I did the test without the battery because I thought it could be pressing the cables, but even without the battery the problem persists

You said that there is a cable on top of the battery, I realized that on my MacBook this cable does not exist

My first question was to make sure we were talking about the correct model as I didn't expect someone to go so far given your symptoms in this series system. You're OK no other cable it was one or the other.

It's the newer models that have the combo cable which rests on top as I described and is what I believe aimed you to replacing the cable. Apple can be tricky! As they sometimes move things about so a given problem can confuse you if you have a different series system (as in this case).

Are you up to pulling the logic board to do a good inspection? Thats the direction I would go. At least if you find the problem it will give you peace of mind.



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