A1706/EMC 3071—于2017年6月上市,这台13''MacBook Pro以可升级至3.5Ghz酷睿i7动态超频至4.0GHz的Kaby Lake处理器为特征。

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Replacement top body MacBookpro 2017

Hi, I got a lot of scratches on the aluminum top (where the Apple logo is). I tried to fix it with toothpaste, but it only made things worse. There is now a lot of small scratches on the logo and on the matte aluminum there are som brighter circles which looks really bad.

Also I cracked the plastic part under the screen where it says “MacBook Pro” think I should replace that ona as well...

Is it possible to buy replacement parts without having to buy the entire screen?

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Not really, no. It's hard enough to change out just the LCD panel on those, that the aluminum housing would be cake in comparison. The problem is just getting to it and transferring the LCD panel over. With the retina displays the entire top housing is engineered together to where replacing the entire lid is really the only low to mid tech level feasible option. There are also companies that will likely refurbish that top lid, but it will cost upwards of $300 and require a downtime for the computer.


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What LCD panel?



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