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3DS Battery Popping Sound Problem

So about a month ago, I had a problem with my original Nintendo 3DS system. Basically, I was playing with the system and put it into sleep mode when it decided to shut off and make a popping sound. After an extensive search, it was concluded that it was the battery and I got a replacement from Nintendo. After about a day of replacing the battery (it didn't work right away), it finally started up for the first time in a month.

Now here's where the problem lies. Earlier today, I was playing with the system and I simply closed it, and that's where the whole problem started all over again.

So I'm just wondering if it could be something internal, or if it's something common and I just have to be patient?



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The simplest thing I suggest you do is dismantling the console until you get to the main board, unplugging everything that's connected to it and then putting everything back together. You can follow the steps in this guide here if you don't already know how to do that.


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Maybe it's not something internal. Let me explain.

After I posted the question, I tried turning it on again and it worked, however there's still some occasional popping coming from the system. Do you know what it might be?

Hi, Andrew. Could be many things causing the popping, but if you say it works, then it should be fine. I you feel like solving the problem for ever, I would first replace the battery (could be causing over-currents or something), then look at the fuses on the main board and lastly replace the main board.

Well yesterday, I tried opening the system and it shut off, and the popping has continued since. Do you think it's still the battery?

It could be any of the things I mentioned, but I would start with a new battery and work my way up from there



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