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Screen freezes and device reboots after replaced glass

I replaced the glass on my iPhone yesterday, and when i had put it all back together the touch screen didn't response at first. Later it started working, but after 1-5 minutes the screen freezes for a minute and the phone reboots. The reboot takes longer than normal, often up to 5 minutes.

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was the phone working properly before you replaced the glass? have you done any other things to phone? updated? jailbroken? is glass definitely for a 3g phone?

Yes, it was working preoperly, and no other things have been done. The glass is order from iFixit for the iPhone 3g.


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If you've tried restore/DFU, reseating all the cables, then it may be the phone not recognising a part that isn't apple. There are lots of other people reporting the same problem after replacing iphone parts with OEM parts. You can try updating or restoring the iphone software or replacing the glass again.

I would also contact ifixit customer services/sales services.


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So there is no way to make the phone accept the part?

only trying the restore/update really.

The only thing to consider is that this is unrelated to the screen change and is a software problem related to a jailbreak, or an app you have downloaded.

Have you tried restoring the phone? you will lose all your photo's etc so it is worth saving them, restoring and then see if the phone behaves itself. Then you can transfer your saved items back.


I had this problem on a screen and battery that I replaced earlier today. The phone kept rebooting anytime it received a call. Turns out the phone didn't want to accept the new earpiece assembly on the midframe, so putting a new piece of glass on the old midframe did the trick.


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having the same problem and restore did not help


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