Miniature one watt version of the classic Marshall half stack. With a tone knob and overdrive channel, it offers portability without sacrificing playability.

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How to modernize this amp to work with microphone?

Is there a way to utilize this MS-2 as an independent microphone amp to sing along with a CD from another source, like a car stereo? Since soldering is not an issue for me, I would not hesitate to modify/add another electronic component inside this unit, to accept a separate microphone input. The microphone is needed to modify my voice. Another option would be to buy another portable amp, specifically design for a microphone, however, modernizing this one would be a very cool idea.

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As far as I know you can just plug in a normal microphone where you'd plug in the guitar, you just need an adapter for the 3.5mm jack to the larger one. Or do you want to add another input jack all together.


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Thank you for your prompt response. I have tried a 3.5mm jack adapter before but could not make it work. This time, I've tried a different one, and you are right, it works. Since I will frequently use this portable amp with different guitars, microphones, and headphones, adding two separate 3.5mm shielded jacks for both, input and output, will make the contacts more reliable. Thanks.



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