Why does my bread maker start mixing when powered on?

My breadmaker is a Girmi, mod. MP10, bought second-hand.

It worked fine for a month or two, but has started to act weird lately.

When plugged in, the mixer starts turning, usually slowly, like when motors look for a home position.

The stop button does nothing to stop it. Sometimes it will do it for some time, sometimes it will come to a stop.

The last time it made a loaf of bread, it finished the program, got to 00:00, and started mixing again, making a large hole in the bottom of the loaf.

Where should I start investigating?

It looks like an electrical or electronic problem, but I cannot think what would cause it to behave in this fashion.

It looks like a bad design defect too, because machines should not start moving when powered on.

Any ideas?


The motor is a 230V DC motor. It looks as if some current is leaking into the motor. The electronics are full size board components. There is no obvious damage to the components.

Here are links to pictures:

DC 230V motor

motor control board

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