Computer runs perfect on battery only. It does not take charge.

When it 's plugged into de wall, it doesn't take the charge nor the light in the mag plug stays lit. The little green light blinks only. Otherwise, when it works on battery, the functions are normal. The battery is almost new. The charger works fine in other computers. What do I need please, and how much it costs?

Thank you.

Jorge Barreiro

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I received the parts and tools needed for the replacement of the Left I/O Board and followed the instructions exactly as instructed. The result is the same blinking green light and now the computer doesn't power on (The battery is showing only one light, so, it may be drained)

What can I do?

What could've go wrong?

Was the diagnostic wrong?

Please help me.

If the battery gets to low the machine will not power up. Leave it plugged in for an hour, let the battery charge and try again.

Thank you Mayer for your replay. I don't think the battery is charging, since the mag plug doesn't show a consistent green light. It's been plugged for about 40 min. now and the green light is still blinking.

Hello Mayer, the situation is the same, battery not charging, green light blinking and it's already 1 1/2 hours. What should I do?

Hello Mayer or anybody else, I desperately need help, please!



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Have you tried replacing the battery connector? It's a cheap part, and worth a shot. They do occasionally go bad and cause various issues. Just search eBay for "A1150 battery connector"...there's one out there now for $8.08 shipped.

Also, I know you said the battery is almost new, but do you absolutely know it is good because you've seen it charge in another machine? If you haven't personally witnessed it charging in another machine, you don't know for sure that it's good, and it could therefore be the problem.


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Replace the left I/O board. Here's how: MacBook Pro 15" Core Duo Model A1150 Left I/O Board Replacement

Here's the part: MacBook Pro 15" (Model A1150) Left I/O Board

MacBook Pro 15" (Model A1150) Left I/O Board张图片


MacBook Pro 15" (Model A1150) Left I/O Board



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If there's no change after replacing the I/O board, I'm afraid the problem is the logic board itself. I still have an iBook that does exactly what your laptop does - everything works except battery doesn't charge. Logic board replacement is expensive, so I just charge the 2 batteries I have in another iBook and shuffle them around to the noncharging unit.


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Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately I don't have another Macbook Pro to do that.


O.K guys. Thank you for your support and suggestions. Finally I've got it fix. The problem was in the Left I/O/ board. The first time I connected the computer it didn't work. It was doing the same as before. A dimmed blinking light in the mag. connector. Afrter i spoke with one of the guys, unfortunately I don't recall his name, he suggested to check the connection of the ribbon cable from the Left I/O

board to the logic board. He was right. The connector on the Logic board was warped and didn't connect properly. I removed it and straighten it up, re-connected it and BINGO, my Macbook Pro is working again. I switched again the Left I/O board just to make sure that the old one was bad and I finally realized that it was the case. The replacement of the I/O board was needed. Thank you all for your help and God Bless.


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I'm glad this other guy figured your problem out and he was right.




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