back-light not working after water damage

I need back light filter for nokia 6 , it is not available in Jordan

can anyone help ?

here is some photos :

this show that the phone is working but no display

Block Image

and when I use a strong light on the display

Block Image

Block Image

more info

I already took the phone to local maintenance center and they told me that the IC on the board responsible for the display back-light is not working due to water damage

thank you

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Sam Lee you do need to let us know which particular filter you are talking about. If you know for sure what pecs for your filter let us know. If you do not then you want to let us know why you think it is the filter. Post some images of your circuit board and mark the filter on that so we can see what you see. Use this guide 在已经存在的问题里加入图片 for that


Thank you , please find my edit


anyone :) :)))))


Hey,did you found this solution? Even I got the same problem.


No solution , silly problem but no solution , we make mistake choosing fu**ing nokia