Install LCD and Digitzer as 2 pieces?

I ordered an iPod off of eBay, with a small chip taken out of the digitizer. Knowing that the LCD and the digitizer are fused together originally, I have a question about the repair. Could I order the two OEM parts separately (digitizer, and LCD) and install the two parts together to fix the screen, thus making a potential break easier to repair in the future?

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Hello Elijah,

I have looked about for abit and alot of people (including ifixit) have said that the lcd and screen are inseperable. You can however buy the parts seperatly, but there dosent seem to be anywhere with a guide on how to stick them together.

It also seems that you can buy them together (pre-stuck) for just a little bit more money.

So it is probably possible, but to complicated, not worth the time, and near enough the same price.

You can view the teardown for the 4th generation ipod here...

Hope this helps :)


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You actually wouldn't need to stick them together, as the only reason they are glued together is to keep dust out. The digitizer is also the only piece that attaches to the housing (the LCD sits in brackets to keep it still), so my question was more directed at how synonymous it would be compared to installation of the bonded screen-assembly.

Elijah Ellis, that sounds like a reasonable assumption. You may be on to something here. Why don't you try it and let us know so we can all learn something new

Hi Elijah,If it sits in brackets, and the glue is only to keep dust out then the process should be relativly the same. Please let me know how it goes if you try it. Looks like your on to something!

Did you try it or what? I have a broken ipod touch 4th gen too.

I guess it's an "or"what. Just like many many other question and suggestions on here, I still think that it is not effective due to a high risk of failure.



I recently ordered both the pieces and its been working fine for me.

It just took a bit more time adjusting both pieces, but other than that, it works perfectly.


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Adhesive would also prevent moisture between those layers, could be another reason for the glue


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I have a repair center and use the two separate pieces all the time and its perfectly fine!! Apple actually made this design because they want people to stop repairing their units. They use the broken ones and refurbish them for warranty units.


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how do you glue the two parts together?



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