Released in the USA on July 28th 2017, the Nintento 2DS XL is a handheld gaming console that is a streamlined version of the 3DS XL.

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How do I replace the Bottom screen and Top Screen

Hi, someone through my bag, and it dropped onto a tree stump. Both of the screens are damaged on my 2ds xl, the top one has lines going through it and the bottom touch screen is fully smashed, and won't work at all. Everything else works fine, the controls, speakers and all that but I just want to know weather it would be better to buy a new one, or to repair the one I have already.

Thanks and Cheers of all of you who have an answer to this problem

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I have a problem like this,the bottom screen of my 2ds Xl is not functioning due to a dent and scratches. I'm only a kid so no money,how do I fix the bottom screen?

You’re gonna have to buy a replacement screen. Luckily, not too much. Probably $15-$30.

My bottom screen works fine but the top screen feel off do you no how to fix it?

So exactly the same thin as Liam but the top screen also I lost one of the connectors so I can not reattach the top screen do you know if I can get a replacement?


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While you can replace the bottom screen, the top one is, as @johnwp mentioned glued to the entire front panel.

You could follow this guide if you wish to fix your console yourself, you will only need a good source for the bottom LCD & digitizer and for the upper front panel. You could try AliExpress or eBay I guess.


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Where would you find a replacement for the top screen? eBay has none for sale.




The top LCD is NOT glued to the entire top glass. There is adhesive around the paremeter of the LCD holding it to the glass. If you haven't actually taken it apart, please do not give people the wrong information.


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I don't think the top screen can be easily replaced. The top screen is a whole unit. There is liquid between the plastic and LCD. If you take the LCD away from the plastic piece it will only further damage it. As far as I know the only course of action is to send it in to Nintendo. Can anyone verify this?


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Oh, my brother smashed my top screen while I was sleeping, I have CFW, can I send

it to Nintendo even though it is hacked, and how much will it cost?

If you can blindly navigate GodMode9, than you can uninstall CFW easily. It will cost $50 to send it to Nintendo, not including shipping.

Weird seeing SirNapkin here, also, I bought a new screen for $60



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