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Pages wont load content properly. (still loads base data)

What Facebook SHOULD look like

Block Image

What It looks like now.

Block Image

Above is an image of how webpages load. I would like an answer on how to reset safari's data, and if that does not work, any ideas you will have on how tto rectify this issue without completely factory resetting the device. (that comes later)

the device is currently running 10.10.5

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+ +UPDATE+ +

I have downloaded a new browser, (Firefox) which works fine. Which means the system itself has no issues with data packets, but it is safari itself. I have returned all preferences to default, and cleared history.

I am unable to get safari to work, even while running Disk Warrior.

Ran DiskWarrior, which found 4 damaged Resource Files. ".jproj" files

Any addition support will help

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i've found the issue. Date and time wasnt updating autmatically, even though it was set to.

I updated the time, and it force a JAVA update. once the update went through, i was able to get the images properly. thank you for all your time and effort


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If your not in full screen mode, then:

Go to View -> Customize Toolbar...

Then, perform the "...drag the default set into the toolbar" option.

Now, go to the View drop down again and the Hide/Show Toolbar option should be accessible.


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ive followed your steps. this option still does not exist in the "view" Drop down

however, the toolbar is not what im looking for. im looking to fix Facebooks loading from what the image posted looks like, to its proper layout. its like its not loading the pages graphics.

Please tell us exactly which Retina machine you have and what OS X version your are running. Posting an image from say this page might help us to understand your problem more completely as I can't tell, on your original image, what it's supposed to look like.

sorry, ive never run into someone who hasnt used facebook before. im not talking about a screen issue. it has nothing to do with hardware. above, i have posted an image of what the facebook login page is supposed to look like.

Scott thanks for the down vote.


I've seen this happen sometimes, I've always attributed it to some key files being lost or corrupted; i.e. the data that goes on the page made it to you but the data that describes how to lay it out did not. (CSS or something like that.)

When It's happened to me it's usually been a transient problem, so I always attributed it to a critical packet getting lost.

If it's consistently happening with facebook there could be some form of filtering proxy between you and facebook, or it could be that your browser is sending out a very old user-agent string and facebook is responding with a simplified page.


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but its not facebook alone. its every web page, all the time. how would i be able to rectify this?

and it works fine on a seperate browser.


Is it like this with any other sites? Or just facebook?


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all websites. im just using facebook as an example.

You already cleared browsing history and cashe?



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