Keyboard Lag / lack of Functionality

Hey! Fairly new to the ZTE community, chose this brand based on the stellar reviews and recommendations from my boyfriend and several relatives.

Got the phone, got a good plan, everything is working smoothly . . . Ish.

Problem: anytime I use an App on the phone that requires typing (Google Search, Texting, AO3) the phone takes an increasingly longer and longer time to pull up the keyboard for me to type on. And when it finally does appear, I have about 15 seconds to say my piece before it closes out again, and I have to start the reload process once more. I mean,I''m a slow texter, but it takes me upwards of 3-5 minutes to send a bloody message anymore.

Other than my special-snowflake issue, I love the phone, and I have every intention of keeping it. This is just irritating. Anything I can do to resolve the isse would be VERY much appreciated.

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