The Samsung Galaxy S4, model i9505, features a 13-megapixel rear camera, and a 5-inch 1080p display.

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Why is my battery runs out of charge

'''I'm having a trouble with my Samsung Galaxy S4 regarding its battery .. it runs out of charge so quickly and I can't work comfortably with this phone as I always need to carry the charger in my bag .. are there any solutions to this problem .. knowing that my battery is not original

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you may want to check to see if theres any apps that are unduly draining power security 360 will shut down apps that drain power and helps with battery life . but if your not getting a days life from the battery then you probably need to get a new one .

Galaxy S4 Replacement Battery

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Galaxy S4 Replacement Battery



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i will try the app and i will see if it is helpful or not .. thank you

I have a S4 mini with the original battery and i sometimes have the same issues. The battery was being drained in 5-6h on idle. First time it happened after i installed a load of apps.. after a factory reset it was fine. nowadays, even though i hope i got rid of the faulty app, it still happens sometimes.. out of the blue.. like .. 1time/2 months. An LG flex does the same thing. It's prob the apps. Can't rule out the battery though...

i think it's a blemish .. not just in my phon but in all samsung g s4


You need a new battery, batteries wear out over time and need to be replaced. You can get one from almost anywhere, like ifixit, eBay, etc.


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where can i buy an original battery ??

From ifixit, these are one of the only places you can get actual OEM battery.

how long a full battery works ?? with using wi-fi and apps ?

When i had my galaxy s4, it would get about 1 day and a half from 100 to 0.

a day and half !! how ?? there is no smart phon can work 1 day and half

i mean you use the phon 36 hour successive ??



If you know its because your battery is fake so the only option is to buy a new one orrr carry a power bank to supply power and the same time being portable...

Test your battery condition by some apps just to make sure its dead or not


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i have done it before ... i mean i test my battery condition by "

Battery Widget Niveau Charge %" app and the results were good ... so what's the problem ?

How much your phone lasts with full charge?

And do u have a genius or original power plug?

it depends .. i can't be sure .. i don'y know if i have an original or genuis .. but i think it's original



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