The Bose SoundTouch 10 is a compact and portable speaker measuring just over 8 inches tall and released in late 2015. It is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled, and it comes with 2 color options - black and white.

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Why is my speaker not charging when connected to power?

The speaker is plugged in using the cable that came with the device. The SoundTouch does not appear to be receiving power, and none of the lights will turn on. Can this be fixed?

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Peut-on avoir le renseignement technique pour suivre / réparer l'alimentation (power supply) du soundTouch 10. Cela suppose sans doute le démontage du boitier.


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This may be because the cable itself has been damaged or frayed. Inspect the cable for any signs of wear.

Also try connecting the charging cable and speaker to a different outlet to ensure that it is either the speaker or the cable that are the problem.

Also check the cable port on the speaker for any dirt or lint that may be trapped inside and preventing power from reaching the speaker.

The port can be cleaned with a compressed air duster if this is the problem.

If all else fails, the charging port itself may be damaged and need replacement.

For more information, see the Troubleshooting Guide.


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One more thing I. Oticed:

I bought a AC cable that has a 90 degree plug and it didn‘t work as well when I noticed that the plug itself was to short. So try to get a straight plug and push it inside troughly.



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