How to find compatible Hard Drive for my motherboard?

How do I find compatible Hard Drive for my motherboard? I am assembling my own computer and in my initial stages of finding out and buying a used Hard Drive. Any suggestions on types of compatible Hard Drive specs (in details) and cheap options to buy in Canada would be very highly appreciated.

Motherboard spec:-


Update (03/17/2017)

Thanks guys. I understand the correct specs now. However, my pockets are bit tight and this is my first system in building, I am buying most of the USED parts. So any suggestion on a cheaper alternative will be greatly appreciated (say $30-$40) - just the moderate speed ones.

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This is the best HDD I could find. Great speed, and available in laptop or desktop format, 500+ GB:


If you want something that will give you a super boost: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01F9G43W...

May I ask, why are you building a rig with such outdated hardware? Just for practice?

First one in building - just for practice that's why looking for cheaper USED Hardware

How cheap? What's the minimum capacity you want? Old hard drives are unreliable. I don't trust them. Storage is pretty cheap nowadays. Remember, any PC building you need help with just call me by saying @pccheese. Every PC in our house is home built!

$30 max for HDD (250GB or more), I'm in Vancouver Canada and don't find local hardware shops selling that cheap so I'm looking online (ebay and amazon). I got the motherboard, RAM and keyboard so far and looking for HDD, mouse, cables and everything else I need for a basic computer build. Any suggestion on other items would also be appreciated. Any opinion on this HDD:-


I suppose that's​ good as far as used HDDs go, but I still can't recommend pre-owned hard drives. Any SATA HDD will work.


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Any SATA II/SATA III interface based hard drive will work with this motherboard.

If you want performance get the Seagate Hybrid/SSD (SSHD) drive.


If you want performance and a workhorse that takes a beating look to the WDC Black series. I've literally thrown this hard drive at someone (don't ask), and it still worked.


Both feature 5 year warranty.

I know a lot of other commenters are going to put their opinion in, and to each their own. But for Warranty and Support, I've needed WDC less than I've needed for Seagate. I've had one Seagate catch fire and an external completely vomit and lose all my data. WDC has gone bad on me as well, but not to the extent where I lost everything on a 'backup drive'.

Again To Each Their Own. This is my personal experience. To add to that, this article more or less backs me up.

Block Image


WDC now owns Hitachi and has incorporated their technology in recent models.


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Try this on for size (look at reviewer's benchmarks):


Blows black away.

I like WDC (that's what I currently use for media storage) but that Seagate is insanely fast for a regular HDD. 200 MB/s+ read.

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@sud Try checking out Canada computers or new egg both sites have refurbs for cheap and may sometimes come with free shipping. Anything you look at on ebay and amazon are subject to US dollar exchange and end up costing up to 30% more for it . Check out local computer stores and mom and pop shops for a freebee. I know when I swap out hard drives I'm left with older ones that I have no use for . You should also realize that you can use a 2.5 drive if you can come across one on the cheap ,you just need to get it fasten down as it will tend to move around as it spins . You can also sometimes get great used parts from studios that do high end gaming or rendering (special effect studios)as there always upgrading there hardware and often just trash there old inventory . I have got render blades from a studio in Toronto that had third gen i7 processors and 24gb of ram that I used to made up a bunch of gaming computers for a local kids club that kick butt and cost next to nothing. You can also use Kijijito advertise your need for a part . put a want add in the computer section asking for a handout . You would be surprised at what people are willing to give away . You may have to take a whole computer to get the hard drive. You may also find your hard drive on Kijiji . Hope some of these ideas help


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Sorry didn't answer the comparability part of your question . Any sata hard drive will be compatible , you can use anything with speeds from 5400 up either in 2.5 or 3.5 format , you can also consider SSD or Hybrid Drives the only consideration is what you want to do with it . If your playing games faster is better and SSD are even better still . To determine speed check the rpm number and the sata connection . Your board does limit you to sata 3 so if you do get a sata6 it will work but not to its full potential

@jimfixer Thanks a lot for your very informative response. I just bought (from a local guy thru' craigslist) a SATA 250GB WDC Blue Hard Drive, that should be good for my first trial build. I'm curious when you mentioned you made bunch of gaming computer that cost next to nothing - do you mind giving me some directions/links/thoughts about how to make a high speed gaming computer, which still doesn't cost much (not sure if it can be build cheap). This will be my food for thought. Thanks again!

@sud I have no links for this its all about foot work and contacts. Check with neighborhood computer store owners start to network with people who work in the industries like gaming and movie production find out what they do with old computers and older servers or render blades . use these parts to build with . Its all in who you get to know and meet . Im fortunate in that my son works for a special effects company in Toronto . They have a constant turn over of older tek .

@sud These companies need to remain current and they old stuff in his case ends up in the basement in storage . Ive also got another friend who works for a large gaming company near me and I get older stuff from them . Understand there not new and coming close to EOL but there still viable machines that will outperform most of the stuff you get at best buy. Just as an example my last build was from a render blade with a Asus Rampage II gene MB It had 24gb of ram an Intel Core i7-980X CPU. I got an old ASUS GeForce GTX 750 Ti from the gaming company . I do have to buy hard drives as most companys tend to destroy anything that has there work on it .

@sud I get old power supplies from a couple of MOM and POP computer shops I've done business with over the years as well as cabling and heat-sinks and such. It doesnt hurt that Im doing this for a kids club. but if you put yourself out there and look to find you will find this stuff and if people know your looking they seem to come to you. Best of Luck



@avanteguarde - Take a look at this graph:

Block Image

Here you can see how things have improved with Seagate. Don't forget they are using more Seagate per a given drive model than the others which can mislead you if you just look at the failure numbers. Look at the total run hours. Yes, HGST is still doing better and yes WD owns them, which does throw the numbers if you add them together. I still treat them as a different company as they use a different drive design than the WD drives.


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@danj, read the article and actually look at the previous charts. You are simply focusing on a single bar chart. Also, this is specific to their own data center.

Your referenced bar chart a) "combined all of the drives, regardless of size, for a given manufacturer."

b) in the quantity tested, they admit insufficient non seagates to test with

"For Toshiba we have not been able to find their drives in sufficient quantities at a reasonable price. For WDC, we sometimes get offered a good price for the quantities we need, but before the deal gets done something goes sideways and the deal doesn’t happen. This has happened to us multiple times, as recently as last month. We would be happy to buy more drives from Toshiba and WDC, if we could, until then we’ll continue to buy our drives from Seagate and HGST."

This is not acceptable for a reliability report. This basically says the report leans toward Seagate in the chart you refer to, as this is the only source that is abundant for testing in.

@avanteguarde - My point was to make sure you are offering up current info as old info can be misleading on what is truly going on. The Thailand flood hit the drive makers quite hard which effected quality and availability.

I have no bias on who's drive someone uses as long as it works within a given system. As an example I have a good collection of different drives in my home systems presently I have only one Seagate, 4 WD & 4 HGST 3.5" drives as well as 2 Toshiba 2.5" HD's the rest are 2.5" SSD's.

I'll admit I tend to push Seagate SSHD drives but only because many of the systems that need drives are the older models which can't support the other makers drives.

As to what is a good reliably report this only covers data warehousing type of drives (3.5"). One could argue this has no bearing on the consumer drives. I'm not so sure of that. Many of these companies use the same designs and hardware across the different markets, only the number of platters and other minor alterations from the basic design can be found between them (with the exception with the HE drives).

I don't know of any other good data sources other than BackBlaze with real usage. I only referenced it as you did in your original posting.

FYI: Here's BackBlazes Q3 stats: Hard Drive Stats for Q3 2016: Less is More and here's their end of year report: Backblaze Hard Drive Stats for 2016



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