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Hard drive replaced and now lots of problems

Hi I was just referred to this website and hopefully someone can help with this.

I have a MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2010 which I bought in June/July of 2011 off the Irish mac refurbished site.

In about June 2016 I had an issue with a replacement battery which I bought from a computer shop in Dublin, it wasn't holding a charge very long. The guy working there suggested that it may be because I had a lot of movie files on the laptop and it could also be the old style hard drive. He also pointed out that the computer was slow and the SSD would solve this.

A few months later I went back to the same store and got them to install a SSD (Kingston 240GB). No more than a few days or a week later I found that my laptop was shutting down randomly. I brought it back and he checked that the fans were clear and that was it. He didn't know what else it could be. I only had the problem since they worked on it and never before that.

More recently in the last few months when I turn on the computer it takes a while before I can even open program, they just keep bouncing. It says something like 'program not responding. What I always have to do is force quit and try and open them a number of times before they actually do open.

It still shuts down randomly as well as this ' program not responding' issue. But it also cant seem to handle too much activity. For example I wouldn't dare try and run a program like illustrator or photoshop because it seems to make it shut down immediately and often even opening a file in preview using the space bar can cause the machine to shut down.

I have very little files stored on the computer and I have no heavy programs installed. The majority of my use of the mac now is browsing the internet and playing movies and I still experience these problems.

It sounds to me like its a hard drive issue but thats only a feeling I have, I have no real technical know how. Because it is now classed as a 'vintage machine' apple or there licenced stores won't touch it and also because it has had a replacement hard drive and battery.

any help with this would be greatly appreciated

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To alleviate you worries about a stolen board, check the serial number under "about this Mac and compare to the number on the back.


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Thanks for that. I just checked and it seems to be the original. Odd that it went 6 odd years with no problems and then started? Or could the faulty hard drive be somehow triggering the kernel panic?

It's not really that odd. Light bulbs work just fine till they burn out. I used to work a lot better than I do now.


1st issue: The battery you bought is likely bad, although it also depends on how quickly it was running out and which programs are being used.

2nd issue: 15" 2010 models have a common issue with crashing/kernel panicking, which is caused by C9560 on the logic board. This capacitor fails on 2010 models, which causes the GPU supply voltage to sometimes fall below the threshold required, causing it to reboot. This is more likely to happen when launching more intensive programs such as Photoshop, like you described. A new polymer capacitor would have to be soldered on to the logic board to resolve this issue.

3rd issue: The SSD is likely the cause of the other problem, where programs are taking a while to launch. You can try a fresh format and OS reinstall, or try booting into a test drive. If it is fine booting into a test drive, it is a problem with the SSD.


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Hey thanks for the reply and sorry about the delay in response. The shutting down is a regular daily occurance. Often happening a few times a day. In the last 2 weeks it has gotten considerably worse where it may take an hour or more to open a program. I only use chrome and vlc and thats it. It happens quite often when I just have chrome open browsing the internet.

Given the poor service I experienced with the shop I went to I am suspicious that they stole my good logic board and replaced it with a faulty one, but obviously nothing I can prove. Would soldering on a new polymer be something I could do myself do you think, with a little practice or is best left up to someone else?

@bay86 yes, Chrome nearly always triggers this issue when we get these in to test.

I would recommend giving it a go if you have soldered components this size before, but I wouldn't attempt it if you don't have an ok soldering iron, hot air station (preferably, possible to do without) and decent flux. You will also need to extend the solder pads on the logic board, to fit a bigger capacitor (which won't fail), so you'll need tweezers or a fibreglass pen.

Give it a shot if you are confident you won't make it worse. If you want someone else to repair this, feel free to click my profile for our website and we will be happy to get this fixed for you. We are based in the UK, but ship to Ireland too.

That sounds more like something a pro should handle, I could easily mess that up. I'm actually in Sweden right now so would need to mail it from here. I presume I would need to send the entire macbook and not getting away with just sending you the logic board. I'll be back in touch about sending my mac to you, it seems like a good option

@bay86 Yes that's right, we would prefer the whole MacBook so we can fully test it. You are welcome to send it from Sweden, but we will need a UK address to return this to.

If you decide to attempt it yourself, let us know how this goes :)


There are a couple of causes for the symptoms you have here. You need to see if you can isolate the problem down a bit. How about running the built-in diagnostics to see if something pops there. Here's how: How to use Apple Diagnostics on your Mac. Let us know what it tells you.


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Sorry about the delay in response! I tried this built in diagonstic but it didn't work. It just seemed to delay the start up and nothing else happened



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