The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a multi-touch, slate-format smartphone with eye-tracking ability, increased storage, and a wireless charging option.

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Can you cross change motherboards from different carriers?

Can you replace a Samsung motherboard with any other motherboard such as verizon, at&t, etc?

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It is possible. The thing to consider is the layout of the motherboard from different carriers can vary. So for example, if you try putting a Verizon motherboard in a T-Mobile phone it will not fit correctly in the midframe where the motherboard sits due to the different layout of components on the motherboard. The motherboards themselves are the same shape and size so a person can grind down the high areas of the midframe to be able to fit another carriers motherboard in the midframe. I have done this before with a Dremel. Not the funnest task but it can be done if you do not feel like purchasing parts. The screens themselves are not carrier specific so no worries there. It's just a matter of getting another carriers motherboard to fit properly it the midframe. So you can grind down the midframe if needed or you can also buy or locate a carrier specific midframe to match the motherboard you want to use.


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Verizon and sprint models are CDMA. T-Mobile and AT&T are GSM. I am not sure on the S4 if the CDMA motherboards are interchangeable with the GSM ones. That being said:

a) Yes, you can interchange AT&T and T-Mobile or any other GSM carrier versions.

b) The phone's software will not be changed. A T-Mobile board in an AT&T phone will still say T-Mobile and have T-Mobile preloaded apps.

c) You cannot flash AT&T firmware completely on a T-Mobile board. The baseband cannot be changed (the component that selects LTE and GSM frequencies).

d) European GSM, Asian GSM, and US GSM all have different LTE frequencies.

e) You need to unlock the phones for one motherboard to work in another model.

In the case of a Galaxy S5, each model had different daughter boards (where the USB connects) that were specific to its model.


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Hi, how about different model, like can an S8 motherboard fits in an S8 Plus frame ?


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Negative S8 motherboard would be smaller than the S8+


can i change an note 8 mb SK Telcom (korean) with a note 8 Telcel (Mexico)?


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