The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a multi-touch, slate-format smartphone with eye-tracking ability, increased storage, and a wireless charging option.

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I dropped my phone on the floor, the screen became black still working


I dropped my phone on the floor , then the screen became black , but the phone still working actually, I can hear the notification and the music etc ..

how can I fix in my home .. cause I really luv this phone .

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Is the screen cracked?

yes , from the top of the phone .

While the glass may be cracked, check the corners carefully in the inner display of the screen. Usually there will be cracks in the corner if you can't find it.

mmm , I really didn't understand .

The cracks are in the right side from the phone on the top.

I can't find the inner display of the screen , I google it and I don't know how to find it . like .. Do I have to open the screen from inside or what ??


and really i don't understand on mobiles and phones ..



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Hi Jessie,

This sounds like the inner AMOLED screen has been damaged, unlike lcd, when an AMOLED screen gets damaged, it tends to be blank and doesn't show anything.

For this, you would more than likely have to get the whole display (inner screen and glass) replaced, as they come as one unit bonded together. :-)


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Ok thank you ..


Can i do that in myhome?

yea can i do this at home? i have a iphone 7


You will need to replace the LCD and digitizer. Luckily, ifixit sells one for $200. The item code is IF225-004-1.


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Ok thank you ..

@pccheese read teh comment left by GED. Not an LCD but AMOLED read about the differences on here Does not require backlight is a great benefit...:-)

Yes, I knew about ammoled/led, I was just saying LCD because that's kinda the generic word for display in my mind. It doesn't really matter in most phones that use LCDs because the LCD is normally fused to the backlight so it's one unit, just like an ammoled.

The backlight isn't really fused as much as a LCD or amoled is to the glass, as it's actually quite easy to remove the backlight and replace that (like in iPhones), since it's only usually held to the LCD with a small amount of double sided adhesive, and the soldered connection, where as removing the glass isn't that easy, due to the OCA (Optically Clear Adhesive), unless you have the correct equipment.

iPhone will be heading for Amoled displays next year I believe, so things will be changing!

Where not talking about iPhones. This is a Galaxy S III.



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