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I recently bought a Samsung curved TV series 7 55' in Australia JB-HIFI store on 3rd of November 2016 and i had it shipped overseas to where i live. I just recieve it 2 weeks later i when i turn it on it just flash blue for a second and kept on blinking but no actual picture. I thought it could be mishandle during shipping via air freight or something. I can't figure out whats the problem till now, any tips on how to get it working?


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@rock1968 what exact model is it and tell us more about the blinking. What blniked, for how long, any pattern to the blinking?


Hi, Do you have the same household power supply voltage where you are now as in Australia, i.e. 230V 50Hz AC?


To answer both your questions, the model for the tv : Samsung 55" series 7 UA55KU7500W and its 230- 240volts as in Australia. When it arrived on the island I took it out of the box and plug in the power. First thing I notice is a blink which is blue as if it's going to turn on, but 1 or 2 seconds later it started blinking from a blue to black like every 1 or 2 seconds? I checked the box that house the tv for any dent or sign of mishandling but there was nothing.. if you can solve my problem will much appreciated....




Have you seen it working at all before you shipped it?

Silly question but have you proved that the AC power outlet is OK?

What colour is the power light on the TV when you connect and switch on the power at the wall outlet but don't try to switch the TV on, is it a solid red?

Is it the screen that is going from black to blue to black etc?



No I haven't actually see the tv working, I pay for it inside the store and then pick it up at the docking bay at the side of the store. There's an indicator light at the front bottom right which is solid red when the power is turned on. Every time I press the remote, the red light blink as if it's receiving signal. First when I power up the tv the blue screen appears first then every seconds later it just on and off?