am I missing an antenna underneath top case

i am in the middle of replacing my top case. and i noticed an unplugged antenna and ribble cable.

underneath the right palm rest there is a black box (1 inch long) with an antenna cable hanging off of it. and there is a cable from the keboard ribbon cable that goes to the block box.

they both look like they should connect to the same piece, but the piece that should be there is missing.

is this where an opional piece should go?

ohh i found it, its the bluetooth board. i was following the instructions on how to remove the left i/o board which doesnt go over that piece, but it does in the top case directions.

and i agree these walk through are EXCELLENT.

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The teardown guides on this machine are excellent, I've used them many times. Just follow the guide. MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Models A1226 and A1260 Upper Case Replacement


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Good answer + One should note that under the right hand palmrest is the optical drive and noting else (exept the backup batterie under the OD)

All antenna cables are located left, next to the screen.

i know that the dvd drive is under the right palm rest.

let me be more specific, there is an antenna cable underneath the top case (connected to the bottom of the top case, not connected to the bottom case). so if you remove your top case, flip it upside down and look under the right palm rest you will see a black box with an antenna cable hanging off of it, you will also see a small plug with about 3 wires going towards the black box, but it does not reach it. this plug with 3 cables also runs to the keyboard ribbon cable which connects the keyboard to the motherboard.



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