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Internal Keyboard and Trackpad not working


I have problem with my Macbook Air.

The internal keyboard and trackpad doesn't work anymore.

Keybord illumination is working fine and the power button also. If I plug in an USB mouse and / or keyboard both work fine.

I changed the cable from top case to logic board - still not working.

With the external keyboard, I did the hardware test - everything ok - and nvram reset - no change.

Some people told me about troubles with Sierra. Since yesterday I have the latest version - but still not working.

Does anybody have another idea to make the MacBook work again?

I need it!

Thanks, Stig

Update (11/12/2016)

Is there a possibility to identify the problem?

Software? Diagnosis Subsystem?

Problem Update: After a SMC reset the keyboard and mouse it's working for ~ 1 minute (with interuptions).

Is the problem the USB controller?

Does anybody have any advise?

Update (11/12/2016)

Thank you.

My Macbook is working fine currently.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Update (15.11.2016)

After one day, devices stopped working again.

Block Image

Block Image

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How full is your drive?

About 20%. Not realy full


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This problem has to do with the top casing (keyboard). It occurs when the keyboard is replaced with another keyboard of a different model. Unusual power consumption of the new keyboard causes the random trip offs. For example if you try to use another component (eg inbuilt iSight Web cam) that shares the same USB hub, the keyboard/trackpad trips off. Also restarting the system trips off the keyboard/trackpad. There's a temporary fix though...

If the keyboard/trackpad trips off, use the system till battery dies and goes off by itself; leave it for about a day without charging, then plug in the charger and turn on the system. The keyboard and trackpad should come on.

When you have your keyboard/trackpad working; my advise is:

Never restart your system.

When you are through working with it, just close the lid (sleep), DONT SHUT DOWN OR RESTART!

Don't use the inbuilt iSight camera.

GOOD LUCK. Feedbacks would be appreciated


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Ok. Thank you for answer.

Is there a long term solution?


Check the board on the trackpad for liquid damage. Try a test trackpad.

The trackpad cable you used, definitely the same one (check the part number to make sure it matches the original)?

If this does not work, and you have tried the software resets, it will be a fault with the logic board. Check the connectors for the cable, since this can be affected by liquid easily.


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Hi Reece,

how can I identify a liquid damage on the tracpad mainboard?

There was a short period, when the trackpad was working. With new cable.

So I can exclude the trackpad cable from the list.

Take a picture of the board attached to the trackpad and send it across. Usually there will be blue corrosion, or the components may have black solder joints

Take a look at your battery to see if it's swollen.

I'll take a photo the next days. But there is no blue corrision.

The battery looks fine.

A swollen battery will cause your symptoms.


Let's try a different direction here. Your reaction sounds more like a software issue Vs a hardware issue.

Using your external keyboard & mouse locate the App Activity Monitor In the Utility folder. You want to launch it and then monitor CPU, Memory, Disk & Network keeping it on your desktop to the side so you can see it as you use your system.

  • What you want to look for is to see if an app (process) is firing off in the same increment of time your mouse appears to get sluggish as you move it under CPU. Click on the headings to make the list easier to see.
  • Look at the amount of memory being used are you getting high?
  • Is there a pattern on disk activity when you are not doing anything
  • Is there a high quantity of network activity when again you are not doing anything?

Let us know what you see.


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Thank you.

See some screenshots in my initial post.

kernel_task 346,0 MB 0 Byte 108 0 0 root 39,8 1:51,27 - Nein 0 Byte Nein 0 Byte 64-Bit 0 Byte 0 Byte 0 0 0 Byte 0 Byte 0 Byte Nein Nein 0 Byte Ja

... kernel_task has a lot of load


After one day in standby keyboard and trackpad were frozen again.

I made an SMC reset and it works fine again.

Any idea, how I can fix this?

Your system maybe to loaded up so the OS has a hard time finding free space. Which is why the kernel task is running heavy. I would also check the drive to see if it's starting to wear out.

Intersting Idea to make the keyboard stop ...



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