Released on June 1, 2011, with model number A665-S5170, which can be found on the bottom of the laptop.

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Why won't my screen display?

Since yesterday, whenever I go to turn on my computer, I can hear it starting up, but the screen stays black. I've tried turning it off and on again, and I don't know what to do. Is there something else I can try?

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If your computer is on and the display is black (not on), then you could have turned the display off by mistake. To turn the display back on hold the “Fn” key, and then press the “F5” key. Once you press both keys simultaneously, the display should turn back on.

If the process above does not fix the problem then the computer could be in “Projector Mode.” To convert it back to “Computer Only” mode, simply hold the “Fn” key then press the “F5” key. Then you will see the possible display modes, please select the “Computer Only” mode and your display should go back to normal.

Try checking out our troubleshooting guide for the Toshiba Satellite A665-S5170 if you have any more questions!


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@drizzo does this hold true even after "turning it off and on again"? Would it remain in "Projector Mode" even after restarting?


@chelsea_teague before tearing anything apart, you would want to diagnose this a bit better. Start off by connecting an external monitor. Should that stay black as well you will know that you have issues with the GPU circuitry on the motherboard. Should an external monitor work, you know that it is your LCD. Disconnect the external monitor, restart your laptop. In a darkened room shine a flashlight at an angle against the screen. If you can see faint outlines of your desktop etc. you know that it is a backlight issues. Your model has a LED backlight so this could be related to the backlight driver on the motherboard. Schematics for Toshiba's are very difficult to come by, you may have to consider getting it repaired through a Toshiba service or replace the board.

If you see nothing, I'd replace the LCD. Here is a video that should help you with the task.


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You may want to remove either the keyboard or the lower case to access the display signal connector. I can't say with confidence which one, but I'm going to guess lower case. Use a #0 Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws from the bottom of the laptop, keeping track of where each one goes and how long the individual screws. The display signal connector is a long, flat connector, and it often has a dull, woven wrap around the individual wires to protect them as it snakes into the display.

Again, I'm not sure if your laptop has a ZIF connector or a standard insertion force connector, so I'll detail both.

If you have a ZIF connector, use a spudger to lift the release mechanism, and the cable should come out with little to no resistance. When reinstalling the cable, make sure that you lift the release mechanism before sliding it in, then lock it in place.

If you have a standard insertion force connector (almost like a block connector, except it's way smaller), then wiggle the connector loose; be careful not to separate the connector block from the wires as you're pulling. You shouldn't have to force it, but you'll need to apply some pressure to pull it out.


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