How to fix the seventh generation of Honda's compact car.

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Airbag recall: Don't I NOT have to pay?

I just called a Honda dealer about the SRS light coming on in my Civic. I'm assuming it's airbags (considering the widely known recall) and they want to charge me for a the code reading - then said if it's JUST the airbag then they'll fix it for free. But, i have to pay $125.00 for the reading-?? Now, my car type and model IS UNDER RECALL. Shouldn't this all be done free period? The SRS light IS on?

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I would get this done quickly as there is a possibility that the air bag maker, Takata, will file for bankruptcy and that will really throw a wrench in the works.


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excellent point

Thank you, didn't even think about that...I appreciate the heads up!


Kelli, Try local parts supplier, some scan codes for free, Autozone, Advance auto, O Rreillys, Auto value, Nappa, etc. they can probably read the code and perhaps give you a print out of the problem. If the airbag comes up maybe this will satisfy the dealer. I agree with you, if it is a recall, all the cost should be on Honda.

You could call/contact Honda and make sure your vehicle is on the recall list and ask/inquire whether you should be charged the fee. Links below for Honda and the recall itself.


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Thank you! I did exactly that...and yes, Honda had the whole history of car airbag recall servicing. Found the answers I was looking for - and also information I didn't even know about the cars history. The number on the link:

- very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my question. Definitely helped. No longer have this concerning issue ☺

Kelli R, very happy I was of help with your issue, thank you for your reply, so few people do. Have a good day and Merry Christmas!


Kelli take your car in for the recall work get that part done and see if it removed the SRS light .That work can be done for free If it does not remove code then there may be another reason for the light . The reason for the recall was for faulty airbags . This issue doesn't always throw a code . I find when confronted with a SRS code its usually something to do with the clockspring in the steering column. Get the faulty airbag recall looked after first and for free then if it doesnt go out you'll have to have the dealer look closer and read the code . hope this helps


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