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MacBook Pro Retina(Mid 2014) crashes - Apple couldnt find the problem

My MacBook (MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display Mid 2014) crashes after ca. 2 hours. After the first crash, it keeps crashing more and more frequently. Next day I can use it again for 2 hours, initially.

I ran a system diagnose which didn't find anything and reinstalled OS three times. The problem is still there. Then I brought it to an Apple Reseller and Repair Shop (Gravis). They also couldn't find the root of the problem and suggested to replace the logic board. As the warranty ended a few months ago, this would've costed 700€, so I decided against it for now and look for the solution myself.

I'm very disappointed in the value I got out of this very expensive Laptop and I'm hoping some one has some experience with this kind of problem.

Thank you!

Update (11/03/2016)

@mayer I couldn't find anything about a "Flat Rate Repair" in Germany but thanks!

@reece and @vmonteil I opened it up got all the dust out (it was quite a lot) and looked for the above described indicators for water damage (but couldn't find any). And low and behold, I can use my computer for around 5 hours now, lets see if this was indeed the solution.

For anyone with a similar problem:

- you will need to buy a Pentalope screwdriver and another one (I forgot the name) , which are almost comically expensive (15€),

- watch a youtube video about how to open and clean MacBook proberly and go for it! Its not that hard, don't use water, etc.,

- but be careful about all the parts and especially the little screws,

- this might cause an insurance problem, so check that first.

Thanks again!

Update (11/03/2016)

@vmonteil: I did not remove the dust from inside yet. Could that really be the issue?

I will try that though thanks!

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what do you mean by "crashes" ? Did you ever remove the dust inside of your computer ?

Where do you live?

In Germany. Why are u asking?

Hi ! It might not, but it could :) just give it a try !

@krais How you fixed this issue. I'm getting same problem. Thanks.



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@krais I asked where you lived because you are probably eligible for a "Flat Rate Repair" if it has not been dropped or had water damage. In the USA this costs a total of $357, including taxes and shipping. Apple will repair or replace any and all defective parts for this fee. I'd call in for this service request. You should be able to get what they call a Tier One repair done.


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This could be caused by a number of things. Could possibly be a fault with the SSD, or the logic board itself. I have seen random freezing in 2013 Macbook Air's and also a 2014 Retina, which was caused by a faulty SSD.

If you know someone with a Macbook Air or Retina from late 2013 to 2014, try swapping the SSD to see if this sorts out the issue.


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Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately I don't know any one that I could ask. But shouldn't there be an indicator if it really is the SSD. And i don't really get freezes. It completely shuts down (after a maybe 2 seconds sudden black screen)

If it is completely shutting down, it sounds like there is liquid damage on the logic board. I would recommend removing the board and checking it for any liquid damage (will be blue/green corrosion) and any brown circle probe points on the board (indicates liquid has been in this area). If you find anything, clean it with isopropyl or give it to someone who has an ultrasonic cleaner, then check it out.


I had 2 mid-2014 15" macbook pros with the same problem. When on batterie crashes. On power supply okay until end of day. Took to apple all okay. It is a heat issue. Cleaning helped but ultimately installed Macs Fan Control to change when the fans sped up. Tied it to the GPU at 55 C. Works fine now. Yes uses a little more battery power when not plugged in but the fans really cool the machine down fast.

See my console below. I heard that the graphics cpu is usually the culprit so set to the GPU PECI.

Block Image


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