Kernel Panic at any time except when iBook without shields

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Hello, I would like to know if there is a solution to save my ibook following the mistake of a glass of milk...

The last events I noticed :

- I put half a glass of milk on the front of my ibook (keyboard mostly)

- I opened all my computer, clean the bit of milk that come inside (very less, I am lucky, on the bottom side, just on the right of the plug for the battery)

- I ordered for a new keyboard and replaced it

- Then my ibook has run well during two/three weeks, and now it's kernel panic at anytime, sometimes during booting, sometime ten minutes after running well

- I opened again my computer to check the milk, but nothing new, and after different supposition, I try to boot it opened, without shields : I didn't noticed any kernel panic this way

Thanks very much!

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Hi Jonathan,

Maybe you misplaced screws to the upper shield and longer ones could make a short to the logic board. On the top shield only use the shorter screws. Also there's a known issue with the iBook G4 12" 1.33, the airport/bluethoot card socket can fail and cause kernel panics events. You may try to remove the airport card, reinstall the top shield and power the ibook. If everything works OK without KP then you'll know the culprit. Good luck...


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The problem is probably unrelated to the spill. Start up from your system installation disk by inserting he disk and holding down the "C" key. Go to the second screen pull down menu to Utilities _> Disk Utility and repair the drive and repair the permissions.


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Thank you for your response, but my disc reader is dead, and I disconnected it. However I don't think that it is a problem of permissions because I tried to install Mac OS on an other Hard Disc via Firewire and had the same problem of Kernel Panic during the installation.

I need a better explanation of what you're doing. You have a disconnected disk drive but you're installing on an other hard drive, doesn't make since to me.

Hi, I am just saying that to check that the problem wasn't coming from software or from my Hard Disk, I tried to install Mac OS on an other Hard Drive connected via Firewire. In addition, what I was explaining is that as my optical drive is broken, I installed Mac OS from an other partition of my Fire Wire Hard Disc (I think it is the only solution to install Mac Os without CD-Rom). And finally I had a Kernel Panic during the installation of Mac Os, that show that it is a hardware problem. Now I think it comes from the shields, but how to fix that? What can happened if I close my computer case without these shields? Thank you

Try using only one stick of RAM.

The fan not running, by itself, will not cause a kernel panic. However, overheating caused by a fan not running will. Check the fan connections and replace the fan if needed.

Here's how: iBook G4 12" 1.33 GHz Fan Replacement



thanks for your answer, I just turn on my computer opened and noticed that the fan doesn't work. Should it work at any time? Can that cause a Kernel Panic?

Thank you


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I just removed the airport card and my computer is now working ! Thanks for the idea Lemerise !

So my next question is : is there a way to know if my fan and airport card are dead instead of a connection problem due to dry milk remaining I don't know where / problem of shield short...?



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