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iPod in mac format, want to retreive files , only have PC

I bought an Ipod from an online site and when it arrived it had a lot of great songs on it that suited my taste but when i connected it to my PC to "extract" the files from it i found it to be in MAC format.

Is there a way to "back up" this ipod onto my windows PC without reformatting the ipod and losing the data contained on it?

I want to retrieve these files but only have windows PC

Thank you in advance

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You need to find a program that lets you mount HFS (Mac) drives under Windows; MacDrive is a popular one, but Google can find you others.


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Macdrive IS the answer i was looking for,

It now shows up in iTunes,I unchecked "open iTunes when connected" then enabled disk use,

I then did a re-connect so it showed as a removable drive.

this allowed me to "backdoor" the ipod via windows. After i set my PC to show hidden files i simply click & dragged the audio files to a new folder on my hard drive and VIOLA !

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I like iPod Rip (Mac & PC) for this and it's free for 30 days. Here's where to find and download it:


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research +

That won't solve the problem; Windows can't read the filesystem without an HFS driver, as indicated below.

as indicated where?

Well, it was "below" when I posted it. :)

There are two separate problems here --

1) His PC can't even recognize the filesystem on the iPod because it's formatted for Mac (HFS+). I mentioned one commercial driver (MacDrive), Wikipedia lists a few alternatives.

2) You can't copy music off an iPod without using a third-party program, such as the iPod Rip program you mentioned.

It's probably worth pointing out that Apple has a tech note that says you can't use a Mac-formatted iPod under Windows at all, so in order to get iTunes to recognize it you will probably need to follow their instructions to "Restore iPod to factory settings" (after you copy all the music off). After you do that, you can use iTunes to copy the songs you want back on to it.

I wrote thelittleappfactory on this and here's their reply:

Unfortunately, due to Windows limitations, it is not possible to import music from a Mac formatted iPod to a PC.

However, if you have access to a Mac you could import the music to a PC with iRip by following these steps:

1) Firstly, if necessary, use iRip on the Mac to import your iPod's music there.

2) Reformat the iPod on the Windows computer (by clicking "Erase and Sync" - please note that this will erase all content on the iPod)

3) In iTunes, make sure that the iPod is set to "Manually manage music" and "Enable disk use" (make sure you click "Apply" in the bottom right-hand corner)



Tansee iPod Transfer works on my mac formatted iPod, th software cost me $19


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I tried both the recommended tools mentioned above. Neither would load or operate on my Win 7 pc, which isn't saying anything - it has a few issues. But, I downloaded iMazing - and it is... 'mazing.

The download was quick, the install was flawless. And the product is everything I needed to take my original 64GB iPod'mac, load its contents on my pc and restore it to factory settings, resetting it for pc use. - that's the place ! No initial cost...


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