iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular, model no. A1475. Available in Space Gray or Silver, with 16/32/64/128 GB configurations.

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iCloud Lock Resistor Removal

Can I in fact remove resistor r1506 and revert it to a wifi only model and update it with the wifi firmware? I'm using the DNS bypass but it's just not enough. Word to the wise if someone sells you an iPad at 1% check to see if it's locked first do t wait til you get home

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If the deal is to good to be true, 99.9% of the time it isn't!

See the TV ads about Dealdash.com. They tell you they bought all this stuff for pennies on the dollar, right. What they don't say is how much money was spent on bids. Usually $0.60 per penny bid. That's $60 for each dollar bid. Yes they ended up buying it for $60 but they actually sold it for $60 x 60 or $3600 plus the $60.

Oh, look at the print on the ad that says these prices are not typical!

Don't believe me, here's a testimonial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sm2Y6on_...


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Looks like that could work I just can't tell where they went to do it.

All the hardware solutions available to remove iCloud lock by tricking the iPad is via here only for 3G models:


Can you restore the ipad back to cellular?

Abdul I suggest you start a new question and give us specifics of your problems.

how to icloud unlock my ipad air 2 now help



Model selection is coded into the board factory data, you can't just remove something to trick it into believing it is some other models. Otherwise we can convert thousands of iPhones with dead baseboards(error-1) into iPod touches.


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So can I get a new board and swap them or not? Do you have any advice?

A new board is a new device, it's too expensive to swap.


If you want to ask :" I have An Ipad WIFI/LTE Icloud Locked, because I forgot to go to https://www.icloud.com/activationlock/ before I bought it, can I transform it to a Wifi only device just by removing one transistor ?" , the answer is yes.

Check this link :


Just go directly to link dedicated to your model.

Pay attention : It's ok for All Ipads until the Ipad Air. Much more complicated for Ipad Air 2 Lte and probably for Ipad Pro. For Ipad Air 2 Lte the opéartion on the motherboard is siple too, but once you have restored your device as Wifi device, you will notice that you can't have any Wifi/buethooth connectivity. To fix this issue you will have to jailbreak and then to go to Cydia to install the missing parts of your IOS that enable you to have the Wifi/Bluetooth connectivity.

But apparently you have an Ipad air so, it's Ok.


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Thid hardware methond STILL works, but only usefull on older ipads, who can NOT run ios 11 or later, so NOT working anymore on Air, Air 2, Mini 2 etc.



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