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New nano refuses to switch on, even when plugged into computer. Why?

Brand new- 5/oct/2010. It was working fine the day before. It doesn't switch on even when it's plugged into the computer. iTunes says that there's an unknown fault (1437). I think that it's either the battery or something worse. Help?

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There seems to be a number of reports of problems with this Nano's sleep/wake button. The button just stops working and the click feedback when it is pressed is no longer apparent.

Is there a solution or petition for fix?

I have had two of these Nano 6G units die on me in similar fashion and in VERY short succession (ownership is <60 days). Wouldn't turn on, then tried to charge, screen lit up at first. Went back to check on it and it was dead.

Today, the Apple Store showed me a "liquid sensor" in the bottom of the headphone jack. It turns pink by degrees if liquid has gotten into the unit. This one was half pink.

First of all, if the little bit of sweat that got worked up while wearing it was enough to kill it, then it's VERY sensitive.

Second, I suspect that this is actually a false positive. I have read about dripping in a bit of bleach to clear the sensor. Since I have nothing to lose, I'm tempted to try it...

Lastly, someone on one of the Mac forums said, "If Apple would coat their circuit boards, this wouldn't be a problem."

I smell a potential product from iFixit on this one:

"Water Resistance Retro-Kit for iPod." Consisting of the necessary mini-tools, a brush, and a tube of something somewhat similar to liquid electrical tape.

How 'bout it, iFixit team? :)

I don't know why it won't turn on, but mine did the same thing. I held down all three of the buttons on the top for about fifteen seconds, and the screen turned on. Only, it looked like when a computer starts up , with all of the plain white letters on a black background. Using the volume buttons to scroll I clicked standby and now my ipod's fine. It was the epitome of dumb luck.

Apple sent me a new replacement and my old one got sent back to them.

It had never been anywhere near wet conditions - I was using mine purely as a wristwatch. It went from working to non-working in an instant when I was checking the time.

The feel of the "on" button changed - as if in the button mechanism itself something had given way. There was no longer any "click" as the top button was pressed.



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If it's brand new then take it back in, since it's under warranty.


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it is not new please advise

my Ipod nano freeze how can i restore it back to it normal


Apple seems to continue their practice of creating very aesthetically pleasing devices that are extremely sensitive to use. I see so many iPod Nano's with chipped and scratched cases or functional problems. The 6th generation is the worst. There are so many reports of dead screens or unresponsive controls. For the price you pay, Apple should provide a more robust product.

But no, that would cut into Apple's profit margin which, as most people know today is in the upper crust of the Fortune 100. This is why. Apple deceives the public intentionally. They convince so many people to get onto Apple Care, so they can replace all of these problems silently, leaving the general public unaware of just how problematic their iPod products are. It's such a shame. It doesn't need to be this way. But Apple is more concerned about maximizing profits now. So much for the "counter culture" company that they've tried to make themselves to be (remember that 1984 Olympics commercial?).


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And I would add to the above - "plus extremely difficult to repair", indeed in some cases virtually impossible to repair. Glued together parts, non-removable batteries.


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I held all 3 buttons down on mine and I had the "DOS" computer like screen with yellow lettering. At first it wouldn't let me do anything but after holding down all the buttons again with it plugged into my computer it rebooted. My volume control worked long enough to get the volume cranked back up but now about 95% of the time it just makes the screen go black. The power button worked again to shut it off and turn it on so it doesn't drain the battery. I had to hold the buttons a few times and reconnect/disconnect to the computer multiple times but it seems to function ok now. By the way mine was a trip through the washing machine courtesy of my wife.


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