Snapped housing and cable

The left bud of my Sennheiser Earbud Neckband headphones (linked below) snapped off when I accidentally stepped on the cable, leaving just the thin red cabling inside the headphones holding the earbud to the rest of the neckband. It snapped directly above the earbud, which is connected to the green cabling on the left side. Finally, the thin red cable broke, leaving me with a single earbud and a detached "floating" neckband + other earbud.

Any suggestions for how I might be able to fix it? I essentially need to bridge the gap of the thin red cable inside of the headphones. I wouldn't be surprised if it's unfixable, but would love the iFixit community's input.

Update (05/17/2016)

Picture of the damage is attached here. As you can see, I did attempt to glue the pieces together, but couldn't find a suitable clamp and thus was not able to provide a strong hold.

Block Image

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