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dishwasher will not start

whirlpool quiet partner I dishwasher..clean button keeps flashing on status panel & dishwasher will not start?????

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My Kenmore washer is 2 yes old. I noticed the gel packs in base n dishes were dirty. Now the control panel is stuck on quick wash and will not start washing. There is standing water in base and the only setting that causes dishwasher to hum is the drain function which isn't working hence the standing water


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Reset it by pressing the keys HEATED DRY - NORMAL - HEATED DRY - then NORMAL again in sequence within 5 seconds. All the lights should come on and it will begin a diagnostic cycle. Either let it run, or press cancel and the board will be reset so you can try a wash again. If this fails please give us the model number located inside the door

Also try this:

1) Crack the door open.

2) Within 3 seconds press the following sequence - Hi Temp Scrub, Energy Saver Dry, Hi Temp Scrub, Energy Saver Dry

3) Close and latch the door

4) Press the cancel button (the circle with the triangle in it)



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A true renaissance man. +

The information posted above worked. Thanks!

Is there a reset sequence for the Whirlpool Gold Series dishwasher?

IT WORKED!!! Thank you Mr. Genius for saving me money, headaches and wrinkled fingers!

This did work, but it stopped at the wash cycle, with the dishwasher full of water. I was able to empty it by your second suggestion. Could you provide an answer on why it's stopping at the wash cycle?



Thank your all the reset Its very helpful to me but only one key the lights do not start Its start key nothing do no flashing thats normal??? Or something wrong can you helpme Thank again


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It didn't work for me :(

Model # 665.17002400

nj You have a different model, a Kenmore. You need to ask your own question to try to get an answer your your specific machine.



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