The LG G4 was released in the US in early June 2015, as always focusing on high-end specifications and a refined fashion sense that makes it stand out in the premium smartphone market. Each version of the phone will have a different model number based on if it is sold by a carrier or unlocked (US or International). Some LG G4's are known to have bootloop problems.

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Does changing motherboard repairs lg g4 bootloop issue?

Guys i want to know whether lg g4 bootloop issue is a motherboard problem ?

Also does your g4 works fine now after changing the motherboard or has it faced the bootloop issue again?

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I have LG G4 of which PCB main has been replaced just recently. I bought that fone in Fiji and after using for 6 months one day it automatically shutdown and never restarted. My fone was under warranty for a year so i took it to the seller. They sent it across to New Zealand for repair and i received my fone back after 6 weeks. Currently I am using it and not sure how long it will last.

It is a manufacturing fault in lg g4 models i disassembled mine and used a hair dryer to heat it up and works for a couple of minutes and dies again. Replacing new board may resolve the issue however it may go on bootloop again.

I had the same problem as you guys. my warranty just lapsed few days ago and got the problem of boot loop. they advise me to replace the motherboard but i guess it is not acceptable and the problem will still occur even you replaced the motherboard. the only resolution is to recall all LG G4 customers and replace it with G5 if that has no problem like G4. if we talk about satisfaction, they can only get a score of 1 because this should not suppose to happen in the first place. it's manufacturer's problem then recall it. I hope LG people realize the fact that we bought the phone as we seek satisfaction and not disatisfaction.

All the LG G series suffer from either thermal throttling issues or devices bricking for no aparrant reason.

I was lucky enough to have mine go into bootloop 10 days after the guarantee expired. Now I'm on my own and it is not feasible to spend 190usd to fix the phone. LG should recall these phones or give a solution as it is a manufacture problem. At least Samsung replaced the note 7 without hesitation.



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first off yes it will fix the issue if it is not hardware related to anything else in the phone. to answer the question of if it will happen again. that will depend on what is causing the boot loop, majority of the time boot loops can be fixed with out changing the whole mobo or motherboard. i personally have not had any boot loop issue with my unlocked att lg g4 and it is my daily user phone. can you give us more info?

1. any damage or drops?

2. any attempts at rooting or was it rooted?

3. any software mods?

4. any recent changes in temperature of the phone or any kind of changes, cases or battery swap, etc etc?


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No, i had no damages and i didnt root the device too. It was just 4 months old devices working pretty nicely until bootloop hit it.

Sir , can u give me the manufacturer date of your lg g4. It seems that bootloop issue has hit only those devices which are manufactured before October.

i did do some research in to this matter. it does appear that some people are having this boot loop issue with the boards, all thought nothing correlates to dates of manf. most people on xda were able to solve the boot loop issue by one of two ways. reloading the whole o.s. or by reloading the kernel of the o.s. to the latest kernel for your model. my phone was manf. before october infact i got it the day it was released on a upgrade and have no such issue. some people on xda said that it could have bin related to a update that was released but since different updates are released from carrier to carrier to was hard to track down a exact cause, hope this helps.

I just update time showing issue now st is black screen no any appear how can i fix my mobile

Well I also own such a device. once the motherboard was replaced it functioned well, but recently after eight months it completely stopped functioning. now I am not shure that replacement of motherboard will help.

It's a waste of money to replace a board when the phone has a known defect where it will just happen again sooner or later.


All, the LG G4 was engineered to fail.

There is a class action lawsuit you should join if you own any LG devices, including the Nexus ones.


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S W, you need to figure out your internet! You would've passed me if you could get your internet on more. Heck, where on 200 Mb/s, considering 1Gb. Get a Ham radio and stream you internet.


You can try the baking method, but even if it works, it will only last for a very short time. I tried and it worked for about 5 minutes. I am going to flood the chip with flux and try again, but Im probably pushing chain. The lead free solder they use requires around 220C for about 5 minutes to soften. Quite a bit hotter than lead/tin which has worked very well for a very long time until idiots like Al Gore came along. The Ball Grid Array is a very bad idea IMHO. it depends on solder being used as the conductor, and solder can crack under thermal stress (Especially the crap they use) It is not like soldering a wire lead, where the wire has tensile strength, and the solder merely coats the wire. Another bad idea by a bad engineer with no grasp of the physical properties of materials. I see this more and more today, don't you?

LG has no idea what they are doing. They should get out of the consumer electronics business. Very poor QC


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2 time i replacing lg g4 new motherboard together new display and new battery….the problem still same…screen display still not wakeup again….maybe damage caused by one .. maybe the vibrator..mic..loud circuit..with the circuit .. small speakers of the speakers and also the switch on off…i suspected…just a few minutes to see it work normally .. after a few minutes it's back craze


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Howsoever/Whatsoever the “success” may be, the “Boot-Loop” issue should NOT be there. The fact that it is there means that the “Expensive-Smartphone” Buyer is being some sort of unpaid guinea-pig for “LG”.

“High-Five-ing” and similar resolution means The Lacking of Wisdom, Wisdom being an innate quality “Provisioned-Within” ALL. Wisdom enables The-Individual NOT to be “Stupid-Dumb”/Addicted to Wrongfulness. You know, when you know it is wrong but is unable to counter/”address” the wrongfulness.

Just because some methodology “works” for you does not mean it will work for another. Correct or not ? If correct, which it is, why paid over-the-odds for something NOT Smart at all - other than making The “Easy-Go” but “Hard-To-Comeby” unpaid cheering “High-Fiver” cheering for “The Likes of LG” and their methodology of making unpaid guinea-pigs via A Very Expensive “Smartphone” purchase..


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i bought lg g4 a week worked great initially but after 3 days a bootloop issue hit the phone…i went to a repaired shop..the repairer heatup something inside the worked for an hour and the problem started again…someone please tell me should i replace the board/?/


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